Wishes Gone Wild by

Sixteen-year old Erica Marshall is about to have the summer of her life. Her best friend, Whitley, is going to be staying with her while Whitley’s parents are away doing missionary work.

One night while driving home from a party where Erica overhears other girls referring to her as a ‘dog’, she and Whitley see a shooting star. Whitley tells her to make a wish. Erica, who wishes she were more like her very pretty, popular, best friend, jokingly wishes for Whitley to be the ‘dog’ that summer and for her to be the ‘babe’. The next thing she knows a pug is sitting in the passenger seat of her car, wearing Whitley’s clothes and talking just like her best friend!

Now Erica has to find a way to fix her wish gone wild. Only reversing the wish proves harder than expected and Erica has to come up with a plan to keep her parents and Whitley’s from finding out until she can set things right. But her biggest challenge comes in helping her best friend cope with her hopefully temporary life as a dog – fleas included!