Winter Writing Festival Check-In #6!!

We’ve completed our SIXTH week, with JUST ONE MORE TO GO in the 2019 Winter Writing Festival!!

It always amazes me how fast it all rushes by…but ONE WHOLE WEEK LEFT is still plenty of time to get some serious writing done!

Hopefully, we’ll be turning the corner soon on all the winter storms and flus and dark-sky evenings, and spring will be warming and brightening the world (that’s what the groundhog promised, right??). 

We hope the Winter Writing Festival has kept your creative fires burning through all the dark, cold days we’ve had since January 10, and that you’re getting very close to completing your overall Festival Goals!

I’m going to put in one more plug for the magic of the Chat Room, and urge everybody to SPRINT their little hearts out all week while you can!

Now, let us know how your week went! 

If you did all you planned to do over the past seven days, write I MADE MY GOAL and let us celebrate with you! (And be eligible for this week’s special prize of a writing critique from Jenn Bray-Weber of your manuscript’s first 4,000 words!) 

And if you didn’t quite reach your goals this week, check in anyway–you’ll be put in the pool with everyone who comments to be eligible to win an ebook copy of Lara Archer’s HOLD ME CLOSE, plus a $10 Amazon gift card!

And since we’re in our final countdown to the Closing Ceremonies on February 28, let us know what you’ve got planned to make this final week an especially FABULOUS one for your writing goals!! Dream big!!

25 responses to “Winter Writing Festival Check-In #6!!”

  1. Lenee Anderson says:

    I don’t have any special plans for the final week–although I’ll be sad when it’s over–except that I’ve freed up the entire weekend to write. So hopefully, I’ll be able to take advantage of that and finish another scene or two. Also, sounds like were going to get yet another storm over the weekend so I have no excuse! 😉

  2. Cynthia Huscroft says:

    I did not make my goal but I set my bar so low that it is entirely possible I’ll make my overall goal. Fingers crossed!

  3. Michelle says:


    It was a tough writing week for me. I’d planned to do further edits to my revised ms after sending it off to betas, but I can’t make myself do it. I think my subconscious is telling me it’s the wrong direction.

    So, instead, to keep the pipes flowing, I started a short story. I haven’t written one of those in years, but after a slow start, words are happening. I hope to finish it before the WWF winds down.

  4. Susan Craig says:

    Next year I’ll have to make it bigger.
    This final week I plan to finish what’s been an extensive revision of one book prior to re-launch.
    Sad to think it will be over.

  5. Jennifer Jung says:

    Made my goal! Woot woot. Working hard and making sure to do something towards my current project every day! :-). Was hoping to actually finish my first draft during the wwf and doesn’t look like that will happen, but have made amazing progress and love chatting with you all and sprinting!

  6. Elisa Beatty says:


    So glad to be making progress!

  7. Hywela Lyn says:

    I MADE MY GOAL! I’ve done something to my WIP every day, mostly at least an hour’s work but usually twice that, and I attended a sprint (meant to do more, but couldn’t get my times to coincide.) Still I’m hoping to have the edits to this first draft finished by the end of the WWF as well as Beta reading andcritiquing a fairly long novel for a member of my writing group.
    Thanks to WWF I’ve made more progress since the start of the Festival than I have for months!

  8. Zoe Burton says:

    Nowhere near making my goals. However, though it has been a rough month so far, things are looking up. Thanks for letting me take part! 🙂

  9. Rachel Kolodziej says:

    I Didn’t make my goal.
    I just got too busy at work. I am planning to go at it hard this last week though. is it the last week already?! I am spending this evening planning and outlining several projects so that I am ready to sit down and write every day next week. I want to hit my goal and end the festival with a bang!


    I’ve got some down time this week that I plan on getting in extra words.

  11. Brenda Lowder says:


    Since it’s the final week, and the kids will be back in school following a break, I want to double my goals and make a final productive push!! I hope I can do it!

  12. Addison Fox says:

    Jennifer Jung – you’re our winner this week!!! Will reach out and connect you to Jenn!



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