Welcome to Sudden Falls by

Everyone deserves a Do Over, and broken-hearted Lilly St John is determined to make the most of hers. She may be the new girl in Sudden Falls, starting a tiny flower shop from scratch after walking away from an established big-city florist, but chance favors the bold, right?

Native son and Fire Chief Nick Jordon learned his lesson early in life: dating anyone from Sudden Falls is a non-starter. Despite half the town rooting for him to fall in love, he can’t endure running into an ex every ten minutes once the relationship goes south. Then he meets new florist Lilly St. John, and it appears she’s not simply moving into town, she’s taking up permanent residence in his every waking thought. 

Suddenly, it looks like the new shopkeeper on Main might just be the Do Over for Nick that the whole town of Sudden Falls has been waiting for.