“We the People”

Today, Nov. 6, is Election Day in America.

I came up short trying to find an original and heartfelt way to urge my fellow American citizens to vote. Instead, I’d like to recommend watching this informative and non-partisan feature, which aired on last week’s CBS Sunday Morning (8:06, YouTube). 

Teachers, historians, and Supreme Court justices can explain the importance of civics education and civic engagement so much better than I can – but (spoiler): Did you know that one third of Americans can’t name ANY branch of America’s federal government, and that 10% believe “Judge Judy” is a member of the Supreme Court? 


As the feature ends, “It’s up to us.” Truer words have never been spoken.

You + Me = We.

We the People.

Let your voice be heard! 


– Tammy

3 responses to ““We the People””

  1. Jennifer Bray-Weber says:

    Bring back Civics classes! Perhaps, we the people could have constructive conversations rather than divisive angry shouting matches if we had a better understanding of how our democracy works. Great video and, yes, it really is up to us.

  2. Can I superlike this? 🙂 I’m traveling today so I cast my ballot via absentee last week. Get out the vote, Americans!

  3. Heather McCollum says:

    I voted a week ago. Stood in the rain with my husband in line for ten minutes just to get inside, and the line grew massive while we were there. But none of us left it. I shared my umbrella with a woman with a strong foreign accent, and we shuffled along with Americans from all walks of life.
    If the insanity of the past two years has done any good, it is seen in the passions and determination that has sprouted in a once apathetic public. Looking on the bright side : )


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