Under Fire: The Admiral by

Coast Guard Admiral Gemma Hendrickson is no stranger to dangerous situations. But she doesn’t expect to face one flying medical missions in Ecuador.  

Dr. Ben Walsh is a dedicated doctor who gives back by treating patients in remote villages in South America. Ben is also determined to get to know his smart and beautiful pilot.

Returning from a remote village, Ben talks Gemma into flying home along the coast to get extra time together. Their plane is shot at by a drug cartel and Gemma is forced to ditch the crippled plane in the ocean. To hide from the drug runners she leads them deep into the jungle and uses all her skills to fight the cartel and get Ben home safely. But it’s not the cartel she fears most, it’s the attraction she feels to the young, sexy, and very talented doctor. The last thing Gemma wants is a relationship that could shatter her heart.

In the jungle Gemma was Ben’s Guardian from danger. Now, with a steely determination, Ben sets out to become the guardian of Gemma’s heart.