Two book debuts this month!

Debut Number One: Why murder a dying man?

kateparker_deadlywedding800Young widow Olivia Denis finds herself forced to investigate another murder, this one involving her noble relatives, in DEADLY WEDDING, by Kate Parker, out now. The sequel to DEADLY SCANDAL takes place in London in the spring of 1938, where Olivia’s cousin is marrying a rich commoner. The bride is still living at home with her mother, the wife of a lord, and her grandfather, a very elderly earl, in a mansion in the far suburbs of London. Olivia rides with her father to stay in the mansion and help organize the festivities.

Olivia would rather give the party a miss. The cousin has always bossed Olivia around, considering her titled background a reason to always have her way. And Olivia would rather be at her flat in London in case Captain Adam Redmond gets a weekend pass from his secretive army work.

What Olivia can’t tell Adam is that she also has a secret assignment. Not only is she a women’s features reporter for a large daily London newspaper, she also carries out special tasks for the newspaper’s publisher in Nazi held territory. And since Germany just swallowed Austria without firing a shot, Olivia knows more overseas travel is looming.

The last thing Olivia expected was to find the old earl murdered moments before she and her cousin leave for the church. The mourning ritual for an earl would demand postponement of the wedding. The bride insists Olivia not mention finding the victim until she has left on her honeymoon for fear her oft-postponed wedding would never happen.

Olivia agrees, never realizing the consequences of this one act.

DEADLY WEDDING, available in print and ebook from online retailers.

Debut Number Two: Christmas Revels III by Hannah Meredith, Anna D. Allen, and Kate Parker

cr3cover2Three Christmas novellas set in Regency England, where beyond a great deal of snow, you’ll find an overlooked spinster, a corpse under the skating pond, and a bored married couple. Everyone gets a Happy Christmas (except the corpse – guess who wrote that one) in these new stories, out October 30th in print and ebook from online retailers.

I’ve never had two debuts in a month before and I’ve found it exciting. Have any of you had two debuts in a month, and how have you kept straight the social media for the two? Wish me luck.

I hope you enjoy them both. 


10 responses to “Two book debuts this month!”

  1. Congratulations on the new releases! They both look great!

  2. These sound like so much fun, Kate! I’ll definitely have to check them out : )

  3. Lara Archer says:

    Congrats, Kate!! These. It’s sound so fun, and I’m delighted theChristmas Revels series is continuing!

  4. Rita Henuber says:

    Zowie! Super congrats. You are a busy woman. Wishing you many sales.

  5. Tamara Hogan says:

    Congratulations on your dual release, Kate! I love the DEADLY WEDDING cover. The wardrobe is amazing, and nails the era perfectly.


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