Truth & Lies by

Only lies could save her…

After a childhood where she had to lie to survive, Dana Yenichek is a master of deception. It makes her a brilliant FBI Agent…but lousy at personal relationships. Now, the case of her career has her hunting a brutal serial killer whose murderous trail leads to an international mail-order bride service. Dana–determined to catch the killer before he strikes again–jumps at the opportunity to go undercover, only to find herself as a mail-order bride on the doorstep of Deck Murphy.    

He can handle anything, except another lie.

Deck, a Cincinnati cop and Marine Reservist with an inviolable code of honesty, struggles to return to work after being seriously injured in Afghanistan. When an escaped human trafficking victim leads him to a mail-order bride service, he signs up to investigate, never expecting his application to be legitimately processed. Then a foreign mail-order bride unexpectedly shows up at his door and his honor requires that he keep her safe. Unable to tell Deck the truth, however, Dana’s web of deceit draws too tight, until she finds herself alone and vulnerable …and in the sights of the killer who’s decided she is his next, perfect victim.

When Dana goes missing, Deck teams up with the FBI to find her, but is faced with the harshest of realities: after all their deceptions, he and Dana might both be sacrificed to their own TRUTH AND LIES.