The Royal Assassin and Fangirl Friday

Ruby Sister Kate Parker’s newest arrived this week with a pretty cover perfect for a royal bride who is an accomplished painter. Princess Kira, great-granddaughter of Nicholas I of Russia, is engaged to the Duke of Sussex, great-grandson of George III of Great Britain.

The_Royal_Assassin2There will be a royal wedding, if the bride and groom can get to the cathedral in one piece. The Russian soldier assigned to guard the princess is murdered on English soil. Then the princess starts to slip away from her chaperones to meet with a young woman and the two speak hurriedly in Russian. Then one night, the princess disappears.

Scandal is about to break over the couple’s heads. Georgia Fenchurch, a prim and proper bookshop owner as well as an investigator for the Archivist Society, has been brought in to teach English to the Russian princess. She also secretly spearheads an investigation into the death of the Russian bodyguard. Now she has to rescue the princess from her own folly, find a killer, and stop a devilish plot by anarchists.

If all does not go well, Queen Victoria, the groom’s cousin, will not be amused.

The Royal Assassin, the third Victorian Bookshop Mystery by Kate Parker, will arrive July 7th at all the usual bookstores in paperback and ebooks.

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4 responses to “The Royal Assassin and Fangirl Friday”

  1. The book sounds amazing, Kate! I can’t wait to read it!

  2. Watch out for the Red-Eyes.
    Sometimes We Ran 3: Rescue…/dp/B00VYWHZP6

  3. The title of your book pulled me in! It sounds like a great read too, it’s going on my list. =)

  4. Kate Parker says:

    Thank you. I hope you enjoy Georgia’s newest adventure.

    I hope everyone enjoys the vicarious thrill of a royal wedding as much as I do.


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