First off, I want to thank everyone so much for the enthusiasm and support.  Honestly, I was a little freaked out by the whole national television thing, but everyone getting so excited to watch made the experience even more amazing.  I wasn’t sure I was going to watch it live last night (nerves!), but I did and it was SO FUN!  I kept seeing myself frantically trying to ring in and being unable to beat Alan to the punch.  It’s all about the buzzer, boys and girls.  Well, that and trying to avoid categories about birds since, let’s be honest, I know nothing about birds.  But I believe I have proven that Star Wars?  Star Wars I know.  

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I’m so happy to be the runner-up of yesterday’s episode.  I played well, got beaten on the buzzer more times than I can count by a very nice, very smart man and had The Best Time of My Life playing the game.  I am so incredibly happy and grateful for the chance to live my dream.

I got to watch five episodes before my own taped, since the play order is random and I wasn’t drawn during the first day of taping. I was glad I didn’t have to go up against Alex last week because he was a beast, but he got dethroned by another beast. Alan was a truly, genuinely friendly and smart man and I am so happy for his success.  Though of course I wish I could have done a tad better and been able to give him a run for his money in final Jeopardy!

Everyone involved with the show was amazing.  The producers and contestant coordinators, the make-up artists (Thank you, Lisa, for making me look so good!), the sound tech (thank you, Mitch, for making me sound so good!), the director and everyone (thank you Jon and Maggie and Lauri and Korina and Ryan for EVERYTHING.).

Even the practice games were the best. The one reason I was sad to lose was because I won’t be able to play again. Though if they ever do have a Losers’ Tournament I am so there.  Along with everyone else who has ever played the game, because I didn’t talk to a single person who didn’t have the time of their life.  If you have ever wanted to be on Jeopardy, register to take the online test!  DO IT!!!  There is luck to the game (and that buzzer timing is TOUGH) but you will love every second of it, win or lose!

My Jeopardy Goals were: 1) Don’t go negative. 2) Don’t flub a daily double. 3) Be in it at the end. 4) Win it all! and 5) Have fun, even if I fail at all my other goals.  I definitely accomplished the last.  (And the first two!) 

And to answer my questions from yesterday – it was all of the above! LOL. 

a) During Final Jeopardy, I wrote my answer fast and was looking around when I spotted myself on the monitor and thought, “Oh crap! This is gonna be on TV!”  (Cuz I’m clever like that.)

b) In the Social Media category, I rang in for “to the top” and thought “that’s too easy, it must be ‘pin to the top’ because you pin posts on FB but that doesn’t fit the TTT abbreviation, so it must be ‘tie to the top’ but that’s too many Ts so it must be ‘tie to top.'” And I made that up on the fly.  Ha.  Crazy adrenaline brain.  I’m so creative!

c) In the final category, I knew Larry Bird and Magic Johnson COLD, but then when I rang in my brain just emptied of all names except MichaelJordanMichaelJordanMichaelJordanMichaelJordan.  So… yeah.  These things happen.

But what it all boiled down to?  Alan was faster than me and even though I knew opera and ten-letter-words inside and out, he got there first every time!  And I wish him luck hopefully making so much money that I can cheer him on in the tournament of champions this year!  

That’s it in a nutshell.  My super-amazing Jeopardy experience, which only got cooler when I was able to share it with you guys. 

Any questions about Jeopardy?  I can answer them ALL now!

Lizzie Shane is the award-winning author of the Reality Romance and Bouquet Catchers series.  Her upcoming release, Miracle on Mulholland, comes out November 13th.  She also writes paranormal romance under the pen name Vivi Andrews.  For more about Lizzie and her books, please visit her website.  

24 responses to “That…Was…Jeopardy!”

  1. I watched the show – and you were amazing. Yes, Alan might have been faster, but you rocked the Star Wars category and so much more. Congratulations! (And you looked great!) 🙂

  2. I’m one proud sister. Congrats, Vivi! It sounds like you had an amazing time.

  3. Liz Talley says:

    I was so proud of you! You schooled them on Star Wars and I knew you knew a lot more answers because I could see you pushing the buzzer. It seems like a rhythm thing. Congrats! You were awesome!

  4. Laurie Kellogg says:

    You did great, Vivi! I can imagine how frustrating it must’ve been pushing that button a nanosecond too late. In any case, I’m sure it was a fun experience.

    • It was amazing – and it moved so fast I didn’t have time to get frustrated. You’ve gotta stay positive and stay focused for the next question because they are coming at you whether you’re ready for it or not! 🙂

  5. Jennifer Bray-Weber says:

    I didn’t get a chance to watch it live. I didn’t realize the show airs midday in my neck of the woods. But I did watch it last night on the web. You were AMAZING! I am so, so happy for you!

    My questions…
    Can you buzz in before Alex is finished reading the question or must you wait until he is done?

    Also, with your earnings, do you get to choose to have them take out the taxes or do you have to wait to claim it on your returns. LOL…weird question, I know.

    One day, I’d like to go on Wheel of Fortune.

    • Those are great questions! On the buzzer – you have to wait until Alex is done reading the question and then a guy on the production team hits a button to activate the buzzers so we can ring in. Technically, there are lights that light up on either side of the board when the buzzers are active, but if you wait until you see them you are often too late so you are trying to guess the exact mili-second when they will be activated before you see the lights. You’ve gotta try to establish some kind of psychic sync with that guy. And if you ring in too early, they LOCK YOU OUT for a fraction of a second (ACK!) but you don’t know it. You have no way of knowing if you are ringing in too late or going too early and getting locked out. It’s very unscientific and adds a huge layer of luck to the game. The fact of the matter is that everyone who goes on the show is smart enough to win, it’s all the luck of the game.

      For the earnings – only the champ gets to keep all his winnings, 2nd place gets $2000 and 3rd place $1000. (Unlike Wheel of Fortune, which I think has a lot more sponsors and gives away a lot more money.) I haven’t been paid yet (and won’t be for three more months) so I’m not sure whether taxes will be taken out before I get the check, but we did have to fill out tax paperwork before we played.

      I hope you get on Wheel of Fortune!!! I think you would be amazing and I would love to cheer you on!

  6. Gwyn says:

    So proud of you, lil sis. {{{Hugs}}}

  7. Tracy Brody says:

    It was fun to watch and I could see you pressing that buzzer and was frustrated for you that he beat you to it. I agree it’s like 40% knowing the right answer, 15% staying cool & 45% beating others to the buzzer. You indeed rocked the Star Wars category!

    • I really think most of the people who make it through the audition process to the show could answer most of the questions on any given day, but you’re so right that you’ve gotta be fast and keep your head – and not blank on Magic Johnson! LOL!

  8. You were amazing with your poise and smarts and I loved how you always said please when requesting categories. My brain freezes when I’m asked questions in that type of pressure situation, so even if I knew most of the answers (which I didn’t, lol) I fear I’d be a Jeopardy flunkee. So fun watching you, Vivi! Thanks for sharing the experience.

  9. Anna Bennett says:

    Congrats, Vivi!!! It was sooo fun to watch and cheer for you! I loved that you were in it up till the very end. And your Star Wars knowledge?? You are a goddess, and we are not worthy! Way to go! 🙂

  10. Kate Parker says:

    Wow, Vivi, it sounds like you had a blast. congrats on doing so well. That buzzer sounds like a demon.

  11. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU, VIVI!!! That was the coolest thing ever, seeing a sister up there kicking ass and knowing so much more than I ever will. You rock. I have another friend who was on there and she said the same thing about the buzzer. That was the tricky part. But you were still just amazing. And adorable. Alan could not beat that part.


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