Texas Rose Forgiven by

From International Bestselling Author Katie Graykowski comes a story about love, laughter, and stiletto boots.

Hope Cross is back in the one place she’d vowed never to return … Roseville, Texas. Her life hasn’t exactly gone as planned. As soon as she turned eighteen, she’d headed to Hollywood to become a movie star. Unfortunately, the only films she’d gotten to make were of the adult variety. Thank God, she’d stayed behind the camera as the script supervisor. Now at twenty-nine, she’s broke and moving back in with her mother. Her only vocational options are waitressing at the Roseville Café during the day and tending bar at The Dirty Dozen bar at night. She keeps telling herself that she can stand this one-horse town long enough to save up money to move anywhere else. And, she flat-out refuses to acknowledge that she’s still in love with Worth Rose.

Fort Worth Rose is a man of few words. He loves Jesus, family, ranching, football, cold beer, and Hope Cross. His one regret in life is that he broke her heart. If he could only find her, he’d love to make it up to her. The last he’d heard, she moved to California and never looked back. When he walks into the Roseville Café and runs right into her, ice tea explodes down the front of his shirt, chicken fried steak and gravy slide down his pants, and Hope lands squarely on her bottom right in front of him. His whole world turns bright and shiny.

He’s going to make it up to her whether she likes it or not.

Will she forgive him?

Or will she punch him in the gut and run away like she did last time?

Fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Rachel Gibson won’t want to miss this story.