Temptation & Tequila by

Never trust tequila on your birthday.

She loved him. She’d always loved him. And it took just one tipsy birthday kiss for him to shatter her heart. But horse vet Chloe Tremont doesn’t wrangle studs for a living only to let brooding hunk of a horse trainer Gray Kyleson to get the best of her. She’s got a plan, and Gray doesn’t stand a chance.

Never let temptation make you weak.

That birthday kiss should never have happened, and no one knows it more than Gray. Chloe Tremont’s family took him in when no one would have him, and he won’t do anything to betray their trust—especially when it comes to their daughter. But when a series of attacks on his horses force him seek help from the one woman who’s gotten under his skin—and into his heart—Gray worries that his tight control is slipping. And Chloe’s right there to take the reins.