Life after the Call, Part II: The Sequel

Uh-oh, the sequel has arrived.  Ya’ll might think I decided to write this sequel to my July 1, 2010 Blog, entitled “Life after the Call,”  because I was completely out of ideas for blog topics.  But . . . ah . . . um . . . well . . . er . . .

Okay, I admit it, you would be right.

But luckily on Friday the forces of the Universe collided, and I came up with something before my deadline arrived.  I’d like to thank Tina, a commenter on last Friday’s Free-for-All, who said she wanted “to learn more about how debut authors schedule their days …”  You, Tina, started the ball rolling.

See, I don’t actually schedule my days.  They have a way of getting scheduled for me, mostly by deadlines and random email messages.  Friday was no exception. . .

I was working on a deadline for the manuscript variously known as Book # 2 and also as Rules of the Road. Book # 2 is the title my publisher has for this work of fiction.  Rules of the Road is the title I used when entering this manuscript in the 2010 Golden Heart, where it was a finalist.

Let me digress for just one moment.  Book #2: The Sequel has been the bane of my existence for most of this summer.  I had a first draft of this book when I got The Call, but it needed a lot of work before I handed it in to my editor on its due date – October 1.  Somewhere toward the end of August, after I’d taken the book apart and couldn’t put it back together, I had a moment where I wondered if maybe I had made a big mistake thinking I could be a professional author.  I was sure I would never, ever write anything as good as the last one – which had sold the series, made my editor happy, and was in production.

Here I was with a book already sold and written—a Golden Heart finalist, no less–and I was worrying about rejection?  I know.  It was pathetic.  But my feelings were real.

I chalk this experience up to building character–I think we all need lots of practice staring down the fear of rejection—yes, even after The Call.  So I screwed up my courage and bulled my way to end Book #2: The Sequel, making it as good as I could make it, which is a long, long way from perfect.

This brings me back to Friday.  Because, see, I finished the rewrite of Book #2: The Sequel on Friday, shortly after I read Tina’s comment, and a full two weeks before my deadline.  I had just sent The Sequel to my agent for a quick read (and lots and lots of glowing praise, I hoped) when the email arrived from my editor with the subject line “Title for Book #2.”  At which point my schedule for the rest of Friday (which included meeting my Golden Pen judging deadline) was pretty much shot to hell.

I will spare you the gory details.  Suffice it to say that the publisher wants a title for Book #2: The Sequel that evokes a small town homey feel.  I concede that Rules of the Road, the working title, probably doesn’t convey this feeling, however it does fit the story – some of which doesn’t actually take place in a small town, but, rather, on a stock car racetrack.

So, I put my CPs on the case, and for hours on Friday we electronically brainstormed titles for Book #2.  And while we were at it we also tried to come up with titles for Book#3 and Book #4.  Shoot, I had sequels coming out of my ears on Friday, and I listened to a boatload of country music in the vain hope that the Title Muse would appear and hand me something really wonderful from right out of a George Strait song.

(I should point out here that the original idea for Book #2: The Sequel came from a Ricochet song entitled “Good, to Bad, to Worse, to Gone,” which does not exactly convey the HEA ending most romance readers are looking for, although it was a wonderful road map for a light-hearted romance between a good girl and a bad boy.)

Well, anyway, here it is well into the next week, and neither George nor Ricochet has been able to invoke the Title Muse.  So, I’m officially asking for help.  (They say that’s the first step on the road to recovery.)

I can’t guarantee that my publisher is going to select any title I recommend.  But I figure, what the heck, I’ve got nothing to lose.  So, help me put together a list of titles for Book #2: The Sequel.  You’ll find the short synopsis of the story below.  Anyone who submits a title that I put on the list I send to my editor tomorrow will get a $10 electronic gift certificate from  One, randomly drawn commenter on today’s blog, who is not a Ruby Sister, will get a $20 electronic gift certificate from  I will publish the winning suggestions, if there are any, by 7:00 pm today.

If, by some miracle, the publisher actually chooses a title on this list that was recommended by someone. . . well, that someone will get his/her name in the book’s acknowledgments,  and I’ll send you an autographed copy of the book when it’s finally released in the autumn of 2011.

Here’s the short pitch.  Bring on the title suggestions.

Sarah Murray, a nice girl from Boston, has been sent south by her boss to take control of bad boy stock car racer, Tulane Rhodes, who has been blowing off his obligations to his sponsor.  Sarah, a refined descendent of the Pilgrims, travels to Tulane’s hometown, Last Chance, South Carolina, makes friends with the Ladies Auxiliary, and quickly learns all of Tulane’s embarrassing family secrets.

Tulane doesn’t want the nation to learn those secrets.  So he sets out to get the nice little Sarah in big bad trouble.  Unfortunately, he quickly discovers that Sarah has a talent for breaking the rules that seriously outstrips even his own talent in that department.  Pretty soon, that nice little woman is under his skin, into his life, friends with his mother, and in a position to cost him his job and his pride.  She’s also taught him how to be humble and mature, and managed to steal his heart into the bargain.

111 responses to “Life after the Call, Part II: The Sequel”

  1. admin says:

    The books sounds great!! Perhaps The Road Home????

  2. Gwynlyn MacKenzie says:

    Oh, Hope, I’m hopeless at titles, but love the premise. Small town & homey? Carolina Crossroads. Trouble Lives Here. Homegrown Trouble. (Yeah, I think I’m liking Tulane, and I’m pretty sure his first initial stands for Trouble!) Last Chance for Trouble.

    Okay, I’ll quit boring you. Doc’s today, but I’ll pop in later to see what the others have offered.

  3. Tamara Hogan says:

    Hope, I have to laugh here because when I told my editor the working title of my Book #2 – the title I thought was so obviously the perfect title for my book it was a no-brainer – she literally recoiled. RECOILED. 😉

    • Hope Ramsay says:

      That was my exact reaction when, very early on (like two weeks after I signed the contract) the publisher suggested changing the season for Book #2 and making it a holiday story entitled “Christmas in Last Chance.” I had to explain that NASCAR takes a vacation at Christmas time.

      However, I’m pretty sure my Fourth book, which is set during Thanksgiving, is going to get a holiday title and I will just have to hold my nose and live with it.


  4. Diana Layne says:

    Oh, this will be fun. If people chime up and help! I know that there has to be someone (several someones?) great with titles. I am not one of them. At all. Book 2 sounds fine to me, lol. Good luck!

  5. I am so very bad at naming things. My heroine, fictional town, the dog, a flower shop…. ugh. But I’m gonna try anyway! (Oh, and I’m originally from Boston… yay!)

    The Road to Last Chance
    Taking a Chance

    ….. yeah…. that’s all I got. 🙂

    • Hope Ramsay says:


      Road to Last Chance has been thorougly batted around by the whole brainstorming crew that I’ve unleashed on this problem. The publisher will probably take this name, but to me it sounds like one of those old Hope and Crosby movies, like the Road to Rio.

      And then there’s the issue of trying to put the words Last Chance into ever title. The publisher agrees that it’s not necessary.

      As long as we convey home and hearth. OY 🙁

  6. rita says:

    I thought about racing terms
    Restrictor plate
    Pit boss
    Pit command
    Checkered flag
    Pit row
    Hall of fame
    High octane
    And came up with nothing……………..ugg!

    • Hope Ramsay says:


      Good plan…. Doing the same thing I came up with the title:

      Crossing the Line

      Which is probably going on my list, even though it’s not homey at all. But it has all kinds of double entedres and it also applies as a racing term: (crossing the finish line) or (crossing the yellow line at the bottom of the track, which is a no-no).


  7. Elise Hayes says:

    OMG, what a fun book, Hope! When you said the heroine was descended from Pilgrims, I thought, “ok, Puritan type woman meets stock car racing hero who teaches her to let her hair down.” But that’s NOT where the story goes at all and that made me love it all the more. I think you’ve got a classic example of a recognizable storyline made unique and fun by a twist: the heroine can play the Puritan, but she’s even better at breaking the rules than the bad-boy hero. LOVE it!

    I’ve gotta say that I suck at story titles, though, so I’ll leave you to better hands than mine in today’s blog. Here’s a tip for working on titles that *has* worked for me, however: go sit in the romance section of a big bookstore for a couple of hours, pen and paper in hand. Obviously you don’t take other people’s titles, but you can look for patterns (one word titles? two words? how have series titles reflected that the books were part of series? Which titles catch your attention and why?). Trust me, it’s better than staring at a blank computer screen…

    • Hope Ramsay says:


      Thanks, but I’m afraid the book isn’t a brilliant as you make it sound. Sarah is a prissy little thing looking for some thrills in her life, and Tulane starts out thinking that it might be fun to corrupt her morals. (I know it’s been done). So to make it different, I wrote it so that every time she breaks a rule, Tulane gets in trouble. The trouble escalates to the point where it has the potential to cost him his job. She’s having a blast, but he’s suddenly having no fun at all. So he trys to put her back in her box. But by then it’s really too late. And then there’s the crisis where he discovers the secret she’s been keeping from him. Which I won’t divulge here, but it’s doozy.

  8. Katrina Snow says:

    Hi Hope,

    I feel your angst here. My agent wants me to do a slight rewrite on my GH manuscript and come up with a new title so we can resubmit to a specific publisher. So I’ve been doing a bit of brainstorming myself.

    Thinking of titles for yours was a lot more fun. 🙂 This is what I came up with on the bus ride in to work. (I’m listing several, which may not be what you’re looking for, but hopefully could trigger futher ideas.)

    Fat Chance in Last Chance
    Racing Hearts
    Good, Bad, Worse, Love
    Small Town Trouble, Big Time Love
    Big City Girl, Small Town Boy, A Whole Lot of Trouble
    Last Chance Out of Trouble and Into Love
    He’s Big Trouble. She’s Bigger. (Maybe for a fun tag line.)

    Good luck with the titles!

  9. liz talley says:

    Driving Him Crazy

    Off Track in Carolina

    Pride of the South

    Start Your Engines

    Making Trouble in Carolina

    Back on Track

    Okay, I that’s all I got. If I come up with something brilliant later, I’ll come back.

    I get you on choosing titles. It sucks and it helps when you have friends…creative friends. I believe a Ruby came up with the title for my debut book. So this is a good place for titles.

    Good luck!

  10. Hi Hope, oh I’m so in the boat with you. Moments of elation and then wondering what makes me think I’m qualified to be a writer. My editor loves my book, insanely loves my book, but she changed the title from Awaken the Warrior to Awaken the Highland Warrior. Drove me crazy, but what can I do? It’s growing on me.

    Your book two sounds great. I think “The Road Home” as someone else suggested would be a great title. “Road to His Heart”.

    Good luck! Titles are so hard!!!

    • Hope Ramsay says:

      Well, Anita, I hope my editor likes Book #2. She hasn’t yet seen it in its entirety, although she bought the proposal and saw the first 3 chapters.

      The manuscript is in the hands of my agent and her beta readers right at the moment. I’m hoping they don’t suggest major revisions.

  11. Laurie Kellogg says:

    How about working off your first title of Welcome to Last Chance with something like:

    Return to Last Chance
    Leaving Last Chance
    Welcome Back to Last Chance

    • Hope Ramsay says:

      The idea of using Last Chance in the titles is seductive. But what if these are really successful and the publisher wants more Last Chance stories. At some point finding titles with Last Chance in them is going to get really hard. However, I have come up with several more Last Chance titles:

      Last Chance Girl
      The Road to Last Chance
      Trouble in Last Chance
      Lost in Last Chance
      Found in Last Chance
      Lost and Found in Last Chance (working title of book #4 is Lost and Found…)
      At Home in Last Chance

  12. Kelly Fitzpatrick says:

    Chance Kiss. That’s all I’ve got. I’m in awe of people who come up with great titles.

  13. Not quite awake yet this morning, and I tend to think in short, romantic-suspense type titles, not sweet romances, but what about…


    Pure Trouble

    Carolina Car Trouble (Okay, that’s a groaner, but I couldn’t resist…LOL)

    A Talent for Trouble (sounds like my 5-yr-old!)

    Double Trouble

    • Hope Ramsay says:

      I like Pure Trouble. It sounds just like my old Aunt Doss talking about me when I was about 10. And really, Tulane’s emotional age is not very much higher than that at the beginning of the book. I could see his Momma — whose name BTW is Ruby — saying that about him.

  14. Er. This is a fun post, but a toughie!

    I haven’t always done it this way, but these days, when I’m trying to think of a title, I brainstorm the crap out of the book. Like, I write down EVERY SINGLE STUPID IDEA that pops into my head, no matter how ridiculous or crass or unlikely to work. I make jokes, I get sarcastic, I go off the rails. I write a few pretending that it’s erotic, or inspirational, or chick-lit. I riff on bestsellers (like, “Evangeline Quill and the Bed Chamber of Secrets.”) But sooner or later, usually after I fill a couple of pages with nonsense, I hit on a couple of winners (IMHO). You just have to get it all out of your head, every silly, ridiculous idea, and eventually something will stick.

    The key is: EDIT NOTHING!

    I’d do it here, but, see, very little of it would be anything I’d want associated with my name!

    • Hope Ramsay says:


      Me too. But I’ve exhausted that venue. So I’m desperate.

      BTW — riffing best sellers — been there and done that. How ’bout:

      The Angel and the Speed Demon.

      I really liked that one until my CP pulled me back from the brink.

  15. Titles are so much fun, Hope! Lots of good suggestions here. Your story sounds great! The Last Chance ones are cute and so is–Road to His heart. Here’s a few more to toss in the hat:

    Fast Track to Love
    The Victory Lap Home
    Last Chance Romance
    Last Chance For Love
    Sweet Home Carolina

    • Hope Ramsay says:

      Yup, I did the whole Carolina thing, including Sweet Home, Carolina. This is even more important, when you consider that the heroine of book #3 wants everyone to call her Caroline. (Her real name is Sirocco Rhodes–AKA Rocky Rhodes) So, I spent days searching song titles with Carolina in them:

      Carolina in my Mind.
      Sweet Caroline (Except Rocky isn’t very sweet)
      Carolina Blue
      Carolina Pines
      Carolina Moon
      Carolina Moonshine
      Carolina Magnolias

      My list goes on…

      • Elisa Beatty says:

        Sweet Caroline would be a great title even if (maybe especially if) the heroine’s not sweet.

        At the suggestion of several Ruby sisters, I just read Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ AIN’T SHE SWEET (which Sugar Beth definitely isn’t, at least not on the surface), and I thought that title just added a great layer of depth to the book.

        • Hope Ramsay says:

          You know I hadn’t thought about that. Sugar Beth was NOT sweet. I know a lot of people who hated that character, but I just loved Sugar Beth. She was really complicated.

  16. Robin L.L. Allen says:

    Sounds fun! I liked Last Chance for Trouble, too! : )

    Other options:

    Ignoring the Caution Flag
    Hometown Hazards
    A Heart’s Detour
    Last Chance Detour
    Love’s Detour
    Her Heart’s Last Chance
    Off Course Towards Love

    Good luck!

    • Hope Ramsay says:


      Thanks so much for stopping by. How have you been?

      I really like Hometown Hazards, but maybe not for Book #2.
      This title REALLY FITS Book#3 which is about 3/4 finished in a very rough draft. It involves a woman being forced (among other things) to come back to Last Chance and don her old Watermelon Queen costume, which she now regards as beyond tacky. And all while a very handsome English Baron watches with amusement.

      hmmm… An idea just hit. I’m wondering if I can come up with three titles each of which has the word home in it.

      like The Road Home, Hometown Hazards, and No Place Like Home, for Books #2, #3 and #4.

      Robin, you are brilliant!

  17. Kate Welsh says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the number of titles you can find using Last Chance. You can always find more. If that defines your series and it does say small town, then I’d go with it. You can do everything from Coming Home to Last Chance to Sticking in Last Chance to On the Run from Last Chance.

    Here are some more: (and I’m not very good at titles)

    Last Chance for Secrets
    Last Chance for Lies
    The Bad Boy from Last Chance
    Last Chance for Love
    Loving Last Chance
    Love in Last Chance

    I get you about this title problem. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve racked my brain for a title only to get a call on Monday at three saying,”We need a new tile by Wednesday. Can you send me a list?”


    So I have to say this idea of tossing it out to the public is a great on. Good luck with this title naming endeavor.

    Oh, and that feeling you’ll never be able to write another book doesn’t get better either. It must be something in the writer’s personality.

    • Hope Ramsay says:


      Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I’ve heard from other authors that the whole “I’ll never be able to do it again” thing run rampant and never goes away. I’m so not looking forward to that with Book #3.

      I really do like the whole secrets and lies idea. I have one title that’s probably going on my list that goes to that:

      Little White Lies

      This one really fits the book, but maybe not the whole series concept.

  18. Purely to make you laugh – not for publication consideration! I was forced to come up with a new title (set in Charleston) for my 1st book, and I kept my brainstorming list, because it was so very 1970s-Love-Boat bad – but they relate to your topic: Southern Secrets; Traveling into Trouble; Palmetto Passion.

  19. Hope I can’t wait ti read your series. They sound like such fun. I liked Homegrown Trouble.

    Okay, I’ve got to play-off the top of my head.

    Boston Done Southern Style

    A Game of Hearts In Last Chance

    Nice way of getting the muse to flow. WINK.

    • Hope Ramsay says:

      A Game of Hearts

      Hmmmm. I like this idea. Tulane teaches Sarah how to play poker. (And I’m toying with putting a final scene in the book where the two of them are committed and Sara is finally getting to see the insides of the local no-tell motel–The Peach Blossom Motor Inn. I’m thinking they might be playing strip poker.

      Poker ideas anyone? (Not exactly hometowny, but it might work. You never know…

  20. Robin L.L. Allen says:

    Chicken-Fried Trouble?

    • Hope Ramsay says:

      You know, I spent much of Saturday thumbing through old southern recipes looking for something cute and evocative — you know like Fried Green Tomatoes.

      Best I could do was Okra and Stewed Tomatoes, and that didn’t exactly send the message I wanted to send.

      Chicken-Fried Trouble is a little closer to the mark, but I can almost feel my arteries clogging…:D

  21. Miranda Liasson says:

    I vote for Last Chance for Trouble (Jamie’s suggestion). Good luck, Hope!
    Nice meeting you at Nationals (you helped me calm down before my agent speed dating appointment).
    Can’t wait till Welcome to Last Chance comes out!

  22. I LOVE your synopsis! This sounds so good, Hope.

    I kind of like the keeping of “Last Chance” in the title, too. I liked THE BAD BOY OF LAST CHANCE.

    Too fun!

    • Hope Ramsay says:


      Your book has the best title ever! How did you come up with it? And also, are you writing sequels. I’m just dying to know what they are going to be titled.

      • You know what, I came up with First Grave on the Right so long ago, I don’t remember where it came from! Oh, wait, I remember I wanted the word first so everyone would know it was the first in the series. LOL. I know, not super original, but they are going to be:

        First Grave on the Right
        Second Grave on the Left
        Third Grave Dead Ahead

        Now, I have to admit, 3 was originally titled Third Grave Straight Ahead and our lovely Ruby Sister Liz came up with Dead Ahead. I was like, “Why didn’t I think of that?????”

        She rocks. 🙂

  23. Playing off Anne’s suggestion, and maybe a few others. Pure Trouble Comes To Last Chance

    Last Chance is your unique series. You really should include it.

    • Yeah, the “Pure” came from Hope describing the heroine as coming from a “Puritan” background, but also that she has a doozy of a secret of her own. Thought “Pure Trouble” could apply to either Hero or Heroine. 😉

  24. That book sounds fantastic … but I’m awful at coming up with titles, so I’m afraid I’ll be no help at all. Maybe some kind of play on the hero’s name …

    Did someone already suggest “Road to Trouble”?

    Hometown Trouble

    Trouble with Love

  25. Katrina Snow says:

    For the sweet approach, how about:

    Taking a Chance on Love
    What Are the Chances?
    Chance Is, She’s Trouble (or would that be Chances Are?)
    Trouble Is Welcome Here

    OK, back to work again…

  26. Carla says:

    Mine got mixed up somewhere. I had three in draft, hit a button, and poof! They were gone. One other got mixed up in there somewhere. No more coffee for me.

    Here’s the latest ideas:

    Chasing Him Home
    A Happy Kind of Trouble
    Heading Home to Trouble
    With Love, I’m Home
    Building a Home (too Home Depot?)
    Homeward Bound

    Working on more, looking for inspiration…

  27. Carla says:


    The Whole Way Home

    Still trying…

  28. Gwynlyn MacKenzie says:

    One last one that is so bad it might be good: Puritan’s Progress. Or something along those lines. Pilgrim’s Progress was a tomb and a half. This would give it a new twist–seriously. LOL

    • Hope Ramsay says:

      Funny thing about that is that Tulane calls Sarah “The Little Pilgrim.” I can almost hear John Wayne’s voice…

      However Pilgrim’s Progress is religious text published sometime in the 1600s. It’s definitely puritanical, and my book is not, despite a few themes dealing with faith. As I recall the Marmee, the mother in Little Women was forcing her girls to read Pilgrim’s Progress to improve themselves. Jo was not very impressed, which explains why every one loves Jo Marsh.

  29. Rita Henuber says:

    Love’s 500

  30. Stephanie L. Spann says:

    Hi Hope! *waving*

    I have a few suggestions:

    Right Lane for Love (Kind of a play on his name Tulane, two lane, which lane? The right lane…for love.)

    One Lane for Love (same deal)

    Second Gear, First Love (or whichever is the most exciting gear there is while racing, I’m not sure)

    Shifting Into Love

    Drifting Towards Love (I don’t know if stock car racers drift when they hit the curves/turns, but…well…drifting is really cool to watch.)

    Drive Fast, Love Hard (not really hometown-ish, but straight to the point!)

    • Hope Ramsay says:


      All of these are great. I really wish I was writing a NASCAR series, then I could use all kinds of fun titles like Dangerous Curves, Racing Hearts, and I particularly like Shifting into Love.

      But as you can see by what I just posted, I’m going for the homey, family values type title, which is what I think Forever Romance is looking for.

  31. Hope Ramsay says:

    Okey Dokey Folks, it’s now 6:30, and I think everyone is exhausted. Thank you all for helping me brainstorm this problem. It’s been a fun day.

    So, I’m writing my email to my editor right now, and I’ve decided to give her several title options, not just for Book#2, and Books #3 and #4 as well, on the theory that they are looking for something that ties it all together.

    So here are the recommendations I’m going with:

    1) Titles that have Home in them:

    The Road Home (Book #2)
    Race You Home or Racing Home (Book #2)
    Take Me Home (Book #3)
    Down Home (Book #3)
    The Old HOme Place (Book #3)
    At Home in Last Chance (Book #4)
    No Place Like Home (Book #4)
    Thanksgiving at Home (Book #4)

    2) Books that have Last Chance in the title:
    The Road to Last Chance (Book #2)
    Last Chance for Trouble (Book #2)
    Last Chance Girl (Book #3)
    Last Chance Beauty Queen (Book #3)
    At Home in Last Chance (Book #4)
    Last Chance for Love (Book #4)
    Lost in Last Chance (Book #4)
    Found in Last Chance (Book #4)

    3) Random titles that have something to do with the story:
    Crossing the Line (Book #2)
    Little White Lies (Book #2)
    All That Glitters (Book #3)
    The Best Things in LIfe (Book #3)
    Leave the Porch Light On (Book #4)
    Saving Grace (Book #4)
    Lost and Found (Book #4)

  32. Hope Ramsay says:


    $10 gift certificates for suggested titles for Book #2 that made it onto my list (Ruby Sisters are eligible):

    Elisa Beatty (AKA Admin) for her suggestion — The Road Home
    Jamie Michele for her suggestion Last Chance For Trouble

    And the Random Winner of a $20 gift certificate is Robin Allen. (Who I probably would have awarded a special prize to for suggesting Hometown Hazards that got me thinking along the line of titles with the word home in them.) However, Robin’s name was drawn randomly from the list of non-ruby commenters, so that’s a sign. 🙂

    I think I have the email addresses of all the winners. I’ll be in touch on the delivery of your gift certificates. Again, thanks everyone, and have a wonderful evening.

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Awesome…thanks, Hope!

    • I’d be delighted to win, but it was definitely Gwynlyn who thought of that title, not me! I can’t take credit for seconding her suggestion. Please, pass the gift on to our dear Good Witch Gwynlyn.

      • Hope Ramsay says:

        Jame, you are correct, it was Gwynlyn who first made the suggestion — almost as an afterthought, which is why I missed it. And isn’t that the way it usually works. Gwynlyn, you are the winner of the $10 gift cerfificate.

        Again, ladies, thanks so much for all the help.

    • Robin L.L. Allen says:

      WOW–what a great surprise!! I was offline the rest of yesterday afternoon/evening, so was quite startled to see the email. THANKS!! And good luck with the name choices.

  33. I’m so sorry for being late to your post, Hope. (And for being of absolutely no help in your quest to find a title!) Congrats to the very clever Elisa and Jamie!


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