Free Samples!

Free to good home—Holiday Hostage.

Yes, my book is a little late to the Christmas party or early, however you want to look at it. During the transition of Cerridwen Press being absorbed into Ellora’s Cave, my little freebee got put on hold. But it’s here today. Cross fingers. Rub your lucky rabbit’s foot or whatever you rub to get lucky.

Get it now. Save it for Christmas if you’d like.

Why would anybody give their treasured words away for free, you ask? I spend hours hunched over my laptop, wracking my brain for just the right combination of words. From somewhere deep in my mind, I devised a mini plot, micro back-story and teeny tiny conflict to draw the reader into my little world, wrapping it all up in an itsy bitsy bow with a happy ending in less than seven thousand words.

With all the words out there in cyberland, why would anyone choose mine? Because I have so much confidence in my words, I’m giving them away for free, free, free (insert echo here). I’m going to borrow a page from the drug dealer’s handbook and hope you’ll get hooked on my writing and be jonsin’ for a little bit more.

You might think because it’s free, or because it’s short that I may have skimped on the story, on the funny, on the romance. Now is no time to hold back on the goods. I want my reader to come on in, sit right down and be totally satisfied in a single sitting. Wait, now I sound like a hooker. So maybe my writing is a guilty pleasure or a naughty vice you’ll need a twelve-step program to shake. I hope so.

What do you think? Am I a word whore or a marketing genius? Not that I invented free reads? Wouldn’t that be cool? Oh, and happy V-Day.

Here’s hoping this link works.

33 responses to “Free Samples!”

  1. Vivi Andrews says:

    It’s never the wrong time for Christmas! I’m already addicted to you, so thanks for a freebie fix to tide me over and stave off the withdrawal shakes. 🙂

  2. I know I’m techno-challenged, but I click the link and can’t find a way to download your great-sounding book.

    I did, however, see I can get Lilly in Wonderland for a steal. I’ll be back on payday to download that puppy to my new Nook.

    • kelly fitzpatrick says:

      You early birds. Hopefully it’ll work now, but I’ve got a link disability or a technological gene missing.

  3. Diana Layne says:

    Hm, I couldn’t figure it out either, Arlene. Since it’s on the coming soon page, perhaps the link to buy hasn’t gone live this early? Does sound like a cool story, though, Kelly!

  4. Elisa Beatty says:

    What fun! I just followed the link, and it looks like it’s live now.

    The blurb is terrific!!! And I think the free sample idea is a great way to lure in new readers.

    Can this to be downloaded in Kindle format?? I’m new to my Kindle and still very unsure how to make things works. I’m going to go back to the link and see if I can figure it out. Very excited to read this!!

  5. kelly fitzpatrick says:

    I doubt it’s on Amazon or B&N yet, but I think you can get it from EC in several different formats. I’m going to go download it myself – see how it works.

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Cool! Let me know–I just read the excerpt, and it was fabulous!!! Can’t wait to read the rest! (gnawing thru her restraints…snort!!)

      • kelly fitzpatrick says:

        I hope you break free, E. I just got my credit card bill. And it says to stop buying. But nothing says I can’t get some free books. There are lots of other free reads at EC. The ones with a naked girl on the cover are naughty in case you want to steer clear or steer into them.

  6. Elise Hayes says:

    I was able to download it–thanks, Kelly! I can’t wait to read it!

    And congratulations on the launch of this book. We all know how much sweat, blood, tears and joy go into the writing, so I’m delighted to celebrate the publication with you!!

    • kelly fitzpatrick says:

      Thanks, Elise. It is joyful to write. Less joyful to edit when someone goes through and shows you the error of your ways. It always looks like the poor manuscript is bleeding. When I get done fixing, it resembles Frankenstein’s monster. Then a word fairy throws magic dust on it and makes it pretty again.

  7. Amanda Brice says:

    Happy free release day! It’s Christmas in February!!!

  8. Rita Henuber says:

    Thank you. Mine is downloaded. will play Christmas music and read.

  9. I’m easy. If it’s free, it’s for me. Of course, I’ll be downloading to PC because an e-reader isn’t on the radar just yet, but I’ll make do. 😉

  10. Got it now … AND figured out how to get it from my computer to the Nook.

    Bummed, however, that I can’t seem to get the copy of Vivi’s “Ghost Exterminator” to transfer. It’s a different file type … though I understood that the Nook will read many file types. That’s why I got it and not a Kindle. 😛

  11. Hope Ramsay says:

    Oh I love this concept — Christmas on Valentines Day.

    Let’s make this an annual event. I choose to think that having Christmas on Valentines Days is very forward looking of us. We’re ahead of things by . . . um . . . 10 months?

    Happy freebie release day!


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