Tangled Truths by

As detectives Lottie King and Oliver T. Figg officially team up to catch killers, Lottie uncovers a tangle of secrets from Figg’s past that could destroy the agency…and cost lives. Features five mysteries and Lottie-inspired recipes.

Thin Ice — A chilling murder at an exclusive prep school draws Lottie and Figg into the world of the rich and reckless, but their joint investigation turns frosty when Lottie discovers her new partner has ties to the main suspects.

Sweet Success — Lottie struggles to get her new P.I. business off the ground, while Figg lands the biggest case of his career—the death investigation of a famous romance author murdered at a chocolate festival. They’re doomed to fail…unless they turn to each other for help.

Welcome Interruption — An unexpected visitor drops in and asks for Lottie’s help in catching a different kind of killer.

Double Dare — The gloves are off, and Lottie and Figg square off to solve the murder of a man who advertised his homicide in the classifieds. Bragging rights and reputations are on the line…not to mention lives.

Fat Chance — When a successful businessman turns up dead at a posh weight loss facility, Lottie and Figg go undercover to investigate a murder that will change their lives.