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It’s time to announce the top ten finalists for the 2019 MAKE IT GOLDEN CONTEST!!

Finalists: be sure to post your EXPANDED entries in the comments below (a maximum total of 250 words, starting with the exact same opening lines you showed us already, plus what immediately follows) by 12:01 a.m. PACIFIC TIME October 4 to stay in contention for the final round. In other words, you’ll have 27 hours from the time this post appears.

Please put the word ENTRY in all caps at the top again (and, no, that doesn’t count as one of your 250 words). Remember, if you go over 250 words, you’re disqualified, so COUNT CAREFULLY!!

We want to thank EVERYONE who submitted entries!!! As usual, the entries were so varied and fantastic and fun to read, and it was SO tough to narrow it down to just ten. Each Ruby judge had to rank her top ten choices in order, and the resulting scores were very, very, very close, demanding some intense data crunching to make the fine mathematical distinctions required.

Entrants, you should ALL be really proud of the response to your work!!!

And now….can we have a drum roll, please?

The  Top-Ten First Round Finalists will appear (in random order) when you click on the arrow button below.

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