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Happy Mentor Monday!

It’s that time of the month again…no, not that one! This one!

Mentor Monday!

Today is the day for questions! Like what do you do when you get struck in a scene? How long should you keep an agent not selling your work? How do I make my heroine more likable? Who is buying young adult fantasy? Why can’t I seem to get motivated?

Craft, industry, self-care….anything goes 🙂

Ready….set….fire away!

The Latest Comments

  • Elizabeth Langston: You’re right–and it is a powerful lingering impression as the last phrase....
  • Darynda Jones: I like what you did here, Beth. I also like the first one. I like the line “determined to...
  • Elizabeth Langston: So I said to lead with city-keeper, and I didn’t do that. Let me take another stab....
  • Darynda Jones: Great pitch, Jenn! I love what you did with it, Beth. This stuff is so hard. LOL
  • Elizabeth Langston: I think this pitch is in good shape. But if I could try anything, I’d want to lead with the...