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With the close of the Winter Writing Fest only days away, the Ruby sisters can feel the spirits of those who’ve participate dwindling. We feel the same. We love the company and the enthusiasm that our writer friends bring with them.

Like the Olympians Ruby Vivi referred to in her blog on February 9th, we worked and we achieved our goals —some even blasted them. And now, also like those champions, we need to carry on. We need to set the bar a little bit higher in the next few months and afterwards we need to continue to strive to improve our craft. Titleholders always set goals, both personally and professionally.

As we have stated on this blog many times and in numerous ways, everyone’s dreams are distinct and everyone’s life circumstances are special. We should NEVER compare ourselves to another, especially during times that our personal lives are in an uproar.

You’ve proven writing is your passion. Nurture it. Study. Read. Set weekly word goals. Absorb industry news. Network with other writers. And don’t be afraid to put your words out there for feedback.

Like last year, the chat room will remain open for those writers who would like to continue to work together. There are a great bunch of writers participating year-round. Join in anytime.   



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