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Ruby Release Spotlight: Hope Ramsay & Welcome to Last Chance

You’re tooling down the interstate at dawn, the needle of the gas gauge hovers over E, you need a restroom, and you see a sign that says Last Chance.  What would you do? 

Me, too.  

By the time I found a town, the car was sputtering and my eyeballs needed water wings.  Unfortunately, it looked like a place where the sidewalk unrolled only during business hours.  Seeing an older woman with a wealth of curls wreathing her face, I coasted to the curb, jumped out, and asked (okay, so maybe I begged) if she could point me to the nearest restroom.float; right 

She must have a literal bent because she unlocked the Cut ‘n Curl Salon and pointed toward the back.  All but sobbing my gratitude, I ran. 

Upon emerging, I asked, “Who would put a sign on the interstate that says Last Chance when there’s nothing for miles?” 

 “That sign wasn’t for gas or food or restrooms,” my hostess informed me, amusement twinkling in her eyes, “although we do have all three here in Last Chance, South Carolina.” 

And that’s how I met Ruby Rhodes, owner of the Cut ‘n Curl and matriarch of the Rhodes family.  Of course, Miz Ruby has a business to run, so she agreed to be interviewed while she worked.  As a result, I encountered some of the most quirky, unique, and enchanting folks this side of—well, it could be either heaven or the loony bin.  That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Life After the Call

Hey Ruby Sisters, ya’ll already know me, so I won’t introduce myself. But I thought I would just mention that my blog this month is part of Unsinkable month — welcome to all my Unsinkable sisters (and brother). Now, on to my blog:unsinkables

Meeting The Muse

“Where do you find your ideas?”

I always find myself cringing, or rolling my eyes, or saying something snotty when a non-writer asks me this question.  Every writer knows that ideas come from everywhere. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the miracle of that?

Coloring Outside the Lines

I have a vivid memory from kindergarten involving Nikki Tillinghast, a beautiful blue-eyed, blond-headed child who always showed up dressed in the best shirt waist dresses, with the stiffest of petticoats (this was 1958 — we wore dresses with petticoats believe it or not).  Nikki never got dirt on her little ankle socks and her Capezio button up mary janes never had a scuff mark on them.  One day Nikki brought a coloring book to class.  She was allowing some of her close coterie of friends to color in it.

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