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Saying Farewell to a series

Sue Grafton is running out of the alphabet. Darynda Jones is filling up the graveyard. Agatha Christie feared the bombs dropping on London during World War II and so wrote final novels for her sleuths, Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. She survived and left the books with her bank as she wrote other stories in those series, knowing she’d already prepared them a suitable farewell. Margaret Frazer’s series with Dame Frevisse and Joliffe came to an end with her early death.

Every series, no matter how well loved by readers, must come to an end. And so it is with the Victorian Bookshop Mystery series. The romantic arc I’d imagined when I started The Vanishing Thief 5 years ago has come to an end with The Detecting Duchess, out today.

No author ends a series lightly, especially one as popular as the Victorian Bookshop mysteries have been. But my brain or my muse or the voices inside my head have moved on. Georgia and the duke no longer converse with me when I’m trying to sleep. I’m at work on my third Deadly series story, Deadly Fashion, with number four, Deadly Deception, churning in my mind like a hurricane.

Plus I have the first in a new series, set in the dawn of the Edwardian era of big hats and newfangled motor cars, already written. Readers who liked the Archivist Society and the idea of a group of sleuths will enjoy the Gates. They’re a close knit group, all right, but not exactly of sleuths. And there will be the slow blooming romance between my main character, milliner Emily Gates, and a certain Scotland Yard detective. I hope those who’ve enjoyed the late Victorian era will take a step into the new century as Emily finds her first dead body.

So I’m saying goodbye to a part of my life for the past five years with fond memories of hard work, long hours, and gratifyingly good comments from readers. And I’m saying hello to more long hours and hard work spent in the first years of the Edwardian era and the turbulent pre-World War II years. I hope the readers follow me to new adventures with murder, mayhem, and intrepid lady sleuths.

The newest from Kate Parker, The Detecting Duchess, is out now at all major on line retailers in print and ebook. For what’s coming next, check or

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