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In Defense of Tightwads

I’m a Tightwad.  You will not catch me in line for a Starbucks coffee, although a couple of times on vacation I did splurge on a dollar McDonald’s coffee when I’d been driving a lot of miles. And on that vacation, I stayed in cheap hotels that usually had a coffee maker and fridge and we hauled our food around-heck, I have a van, why not? I rarely buy cold drinks out; actually I try not to buy them at all, but buying a 12 pack on sale and keeping it on hand at home is much cheaper. My biggest splurge is probably a monthly trip to the golden arches; I am a sucker for a Happy Meal (yes, with the toys!)

tightwadI have not always been a tightwad. While my parents lived well within their means, for instance, we lived in a small house in an older neighborhood, drove paid-for used, cars, I was an only child and only grandchild. This meant that at Christmas and birthdays, I was given pretty much all I wanted-which various years included a motorcycle, a Shetland pony and an Appaloosa gelding.  I got a couple of calves over the years, too, which my granddaddy then raised for me and sold at auction and gave me the money for my savings account. (Hey, I’m a Texan, thus the cows and horses).

But then I got married right out of high school, and after a couple of years, children started arriving-3 boys in 3 years (yes, eventually we figured out what caused that). Things were going quite well…until the oil bust.  A note to those younger than me-there is ALWAYS some sort of bust every decade or so, oil bust, Black Friday, Internet bubble bust, housing bubble bust, and now there’s a prediction of a money bubble bust. Save in the good times for the bad times will always come. However, my problem is we’ve always been recovering from bad times during the good times.  But do as I say not as I do, okay?

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