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2019 Golden Heart Finalist Sheri Taylor-Emery on The Surprises That Come Along the Way

Hard to believe that RWA Nationals starts one week from today!!

We’ve still got a few Omega guests left to introduce before we all gather in New York, and today we’ve got the lovely Sheri Taylor-Emery, a 2019 Golden Heart Finalist for Best Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance with her book THE SODA FOUNTAIN SISTER AND THE FLOWER LADY.

Sheri Taylor-Emery is an art director in Atlanta, Georgia, who found out far too late in life that what she really loves to do is write. She also loves her husband, kids, dog, three cats, her volunteer work at a dog rescue, her critique partner and her various and sundry friends in the U.K. She is an unabashed anglophile and a hopeless romantic who doesn’t like pina coladas but who rides her bike whenever she can pry her butt out of the chair at her computer. She is repped by Carly Watters at P.S. Literary, who Sheri feels sure would love this book to be the one she can sell. Quirky fact: Member of Mensa

Let’s learn a little more about THE SODA FOUNTAIN SISTER AND THE FLOWER LADY:

In the 1930s my grandmother and her sister were abandoned by their mom at a soda fountain in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve never forgotten that story and it’s the genesis of my book. The rest, however is fiction.

In the novel, two sisters are abandoned by their mother in an Atlanta soda fountain in 1963. The younger of the sisters, Bea, goes on to become a successful Hollywood actress. The older sister, Dee, has led a life defined by bad choices in men and booze. Twenty-five years after their abandonment, the local newspaper does a “where are they now” retrospective on the sisters. Edna Mason, a dying British ex-pat reads the article and for reasons known only to her, decides to leave her flower shop to Dee. But there’s a catch. Over the course of a year, Dee has to make an honest effort to learn the business, then she can keep it or sell it. She has to do this under the watchful eye of the woman’s nephew, Liam. Handsome, British, a pain in Dee’s ass.

Wow, Sheri! What a piece of family history! And what a great way to explore the emotional ramifications through fiction!! (I’m dying to find out why Edna left Dee the flower shop!!)

Folks, Sheri’s here today to talk about the element of surprise…in a writer’s life.

Take it away, Sheri!


The Surprises That Come Along the Way

To say I was gobsmacked to get a phone call from a RWA board member telling me I was a finalist in this year’s Golden Heart Contest would be a gross case of understatment. I nearly ran off the road. Not a good idea on busy I-285, the circular highway that surrounds Atlanta.

Honestly, I’d forgotten I’d entered, which only upped the shock factor.

Equally astonishing is to be blogging on the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood website. I’m still trying to convince myself that what I write in my novels is worth someone taking the time to read, so you can imagine the head games I’m playing at the moment.

This recent unexpectedness seemed like a perfect raison d’être for a blog post.


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