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2012 Golden Heart Survey: What are your plans?

What are your plans for the 2012 Golden Heart contest for unpublished romance manuscripts? Many members of our Ruby-Slippered Sister community are ineligible this year (congratulations to you — and you can still take the survey), but I know I’m not the only one still hunting for that book deal. So spill the beans!

Click here to take the anonymous survey

On Tuesday, 09/20, come back to the RSS blog and I’ll reveal what, if any, trends we can spot.

Now that you’ve taken the survey, what are your thoughts on it — or the Golden Heart contest in general? Do you think any categories will be added, deleted, or merged? Any predictions on which categories will receive the most entries?


Pardon yet another interruption, Dear Readers, but here’s some more trivia about the Rubies that just might come in handy during our Birthday Bash on September 21! (Did someone say PRIZES??? ….Hmmm, we’ll never tell!!)

Shea Berkley is a kickboxer who trains with some serious MMA dudes.

2 Rubies are barrel racers

Katie Graykowski was deported from the Bahamas.

Gwyn MacKenzie had her own Professional Make-Up Artist and Dress Advisor business.

Vanessa Barneveld and a couple of friends hung out with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the band’s hotel room.

Jamie Michele met Fabio when she was 15.


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