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What Makes You Weird?

I have a clear memory from when I was nine or ten years old of being in the back seat of a car and looking over to my right. There was a man driving next to us, and he was just staring straight ahead of himself, not looking at me, not doing anything at all but waiting for the light to turn green. But he didn’t look bored. He looked preoccupied. He was thinking about something, but I would never know what it was. I would never know this man. He would never know me. I didn’t matter to him.

It struck me then that I wasn’t the center of the universe (and that I should probably stop trying to be), but also that each person in the world had an internal life that was entirely separate from mine. On the surface, we may be still, but inside our own minds, our thoughts move like ants in a hill, ceaselessly tunneling.

It was a profound moment for me. I imagine that everyone must have this realization, some earlier than others. Perhaps I was late to the game, but thereafter, I became rather interested in the internal worlds of people.

I had a related realization much later, when I was in my twenties and browsing Home Depot. I happened to look at a man and was hit with the idea that he probably really, really enjoyed having sex. I glanced around, saw other men, and knew, just knew, that they all liked it, too. Young and old, hot or not: all of the men in Home Depot love to have sex.

Music to get you in the mood (to write a good sex scene)

Okay I admit it, next to producing a synopsis the thing I dread the most is writing sex scenes. Luckily I don’t write books that have a whole lot of sex in them, but there always comes that moment (about three quarters of the way into the book) where I have to insert tab A into slot B.

Hot Sex on a Cold Winter’s Night -3 Steps to Making your Sex Scenes Sexy

I write in what I call a strategic assault pattern, you know, like the military might if it were writing a romance novel. I plot, write the first draft which is often about 98% dialogue, then I dive in and add action, description, emotion. In other words, I layer. I do the same with sex scenes. They are absolutely the hardest thing for me to write. I’ve often wondered why. It’s not like I’m frigid. Sex is downright fun. But writing about it? Well, the word fun does not come to mind. So what’s a romance writer to do? I’ll tell ya…

How much sex do you need?

How much sex do you need?

Don’t worry about sending the children out of the room. We’re talking about sex in literature. Not uh, you know, er…sex.

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