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Christmas in July

Hello, Team Ruby!  I don’t want to steal the Omega thunder – have you been reading these posts?  I love learning about this fabulous Golden Heart class! – but since this screaming good deal is time sensitive I wanted to sneak in a weekend post to let you guys know about it.  

It’s Christmas in July!  11 award-winning and best-selling authors came together to offer a limited-time deal on 11 brand new holiday releases – including two by Rubies: Montana Mistletoe by the fabulous Kim Law and An Unplanned Christmas by yours truly.  And for one more week only you can grab each of these novels and novellas for only 99 cents!  Rock stars, small town, secret baby – pick your poison, we’ve got you covered:

Christmas in July Banner

Just click on the banner above to be whisked off to learn more about each of these contemporary romance holiday stories.  It’s the perfect time to stock up on a little Christmas, because these deals will not stick around.

And speaking of Christmas in July, I believe our very own Liz Talley has a certain new release to check out as well: A Down Home Christmas (not part of the promo, just fitting our theme). 

Happy reading!

Mother’s Day the Minnesota Way…AND FREE KINDLE E-BOOK!

Here in Minnesota, the walleye is our favorite freshwater fish. It’s considered such a delicacy that, regardless of temperature, the first day of walleye fishing season lures thousands of Minnesota anglers to their favorite lakes and fishing holes, trying to catch their limit.

There’s good news and bad news. The good news? 100% ice out! The ice has melted from every Minnesota lake, even those kissing the Canadian border. (This isn’t always the case.) The bad news? In Minnesota, the walleye fishing season always starts at one minute after midnight, the second Saturday in May. Yep, the same weekend as Mother’s Day.

Seriously, Minnesotans celebrate two holidays this weekend: the walleye fishing opener, and Mother’s Day. If you have dedicated anglers in your family, fishing has to be factored into your weekend plans.

Outdoor sports – hunting and fishing – are very big deals here in Minnesota – so much so that, back in the day, when my first husband and I chose a date for our wedding, my dad asked if we’d consider changing it. “That’s the opening weekend of deer hunting season.”

And we changed it. True story.

This regional love of outdoor sports creates a female-skewing population called “fishing widows” whose husbands, partners, and kids are away from home for at least part of Mother’s Day weekend – and believe me, Minnesota’s spas, restaurants, malls, bookstores, and garden centers are more than ready to fill any perceived gap. Some fishing widows make out like bandits on Mother’s Day because they’ve put up with years of bait in the refrigerator; cracked-open tackle boxes in the living room; lures, Mister Twisters, and fish hooks strewn across the dining room table for days on end while preparing for the fishing opener; and making the inevitable pilgrimage to the ER because someone stepped on a dropped fish hook. On one memorable occasion, that person was my mother. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I hope you enjoyed that tetanus shot.

True story.

Yeah, there’s some schedule-wrangling to do, but I think the second weekend in May showcases Minnesota at its finest. On Saturday, people are outdoors with family and friends, enjoying our 10,000 lakes. (Actually, there are 11,842 lakes, but who’s counting?) On Sunday, we celebrate and pamper our mothers, with breakfasts in bed, with brunch, with bouquets, and by kicking breast cancer in the junk by running The Susan J. Komen Race for the Cure.  (Go, Twin Cities runners!! Kisses to Beth.)

I don’t have human kids; I frequently tell others that when maternal instincts were being handed out, I was standing in the puppy and kitty line. But however you nurture and celebrate life, Happy Mother’s Day to you!

And – ahem – speaking of pampering:

On May 11-15, TASTE ME, my award-winning Underbelly Chronicles debut, is FREE at CHASE ME and TEMPT ME, Books 2 and 3, are a Kindle Countdown Deal during the same timeframe, with their price starting at 99¢ each and gradually rising back to $2.99 over the duration of the sale. The earlier you buy, the cheaper the price.  

Happy Mother’s Day (and walleye opener), Ruby community! Catch ’em while you can.  😉

What are your plans for the Mother’s Day weekend? Is anyone going fishing?  😉    


Taste Me

Chase Me Touch Me Tempt Me
“Nice Walleye” by Alexandria Tourism, via Flickr and used under the Creative Commons License 2.0.

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