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What My Mother, And Walt, Didn’t Tell Me

Life is messy. I don’t know one person who is living the fairy tale that Walt and his tribe, lack of social media, and the sheltering love of parents helped us to envisioned as children. Disagreements were once about how we were affected. Now they included our families, our communities and our world’s state, and these disputes are not easily forgotten with a hug.  Disease, accidents, and death are no longer something that happens to someone else. Financial responsibility is more than adding dimes to a piggy bank. Social manners go beyond saying please and thank you. The news is aired 24/7, and viewed by children. Life is messy.

My grandmother had a saying. If everyone in the room tossed their problems into a pile and then were told to go pick one out, most would pick their own.  

Why would we do that? Because we know what we’re dealing with, we have experience handling it, and we have a sense where we’re headed. Starting over with new problems requires a lot of energy, physically and mentally. Many don’t want to do that. A few don’t have any more stamina left to give. The rare person will give up a less important problem and take on a life threatening one. They are heroes.

Readers love to escape their world. They want to read about other peoples’ problems and learn how they resolve them. They don’t want to read about a fairytale life. They know that world doesn’t exist.  They want to connect with your characters and causing your reader to sympathize with your characters is a way to connect. Give your readers a hero or heroine to cheer for.


Life will always be messy, especially in great works.  





Autumn Jordon is an awarding-winning author of Romantic mystery/suspense and contemporary romance. Check out her sexy U.S. Marshals in the C.U.F.F. series, or fall in love with her characters in the Perfect Love Series. 




The Royal Assassin and Fangirl Friday

Ruby Sister Kate Parker’s newest arrived this week with a pretty cover perfect for a royal bride who is an accomplished painter. Princess Kira, great-granddaughter of Nicholas I of Russia, is engaged to the Duke of Sussex, great-grandson of George III of Great Britain.

The_Royal_Assassin2There will be a royal wedding, if the bride and groom can get to the cathedral in one piece. The Russian soldier assigned to guard the princess is murdered on English soil. Then the princess starts to slip away from her chaperones to meet with a young woman and the two speak hurriedly in Russian. Then one night, the princess disappears.

Scandal is about to break over the couple’s heads. Georgia Fenchurch, a prim and proper bookshop owner as well as an investigator for the Archivist Society, has been brought in to teach English to the Russian princess. She also secretly spearheads an investigation into the death of the Russian bodyguard. Now she has to rescue the princess from her own folly, find a killer, and stop a devilish plot by anarchists.

If all does not go well, Queen Victoria, the groom’s cousin, will not be amused.

The Royal Assassin, the third Victorian Bookshop Mystery by Kate Parker, will arrive July 7th at all the usual bookstores in paperback and ebooks.

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Judge My Books by Their Covers, Please! by Diane Kelly

We’ve all heard that old expression that “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” In my case, I hope that people will! I’m so proud of both of my covers! Pictured above is the cover for book #2 in my Death and Taxes romantic mystery series – “Death, Taxes, and a Skinny No-Whip Latte.” I just received it and it made me absolutely giddy! It’s cute, it’s fun, it screams “Read me!”

Is it acceptable to be “proud” of something that someone else has created? I’m not sure, but I’m feeling it. It was the same with my website (thanks, again, to the wonderful Liz Bemis!). Though I didn’t personally create these things, they are intricate parts of my work and promotion and I am eternally grateful for them.

I’m always amazed by and in awe of people who have artistic talent. I can’t draw a proportional figure to save my life, and I’m never good with color or placement. I consult my teenaged daughter, who has taken 5 straight years of art in school, any time I buy curtains or arrange furniture in the house. That type of visual artistic talent is something a person either has or they don’t, and in my case, it’s a big old don’t.

As writers, we all visualize how we think our covers should look when our work is published. Our visions may or may not be similar to what the cover artist comes up with. But it’s fun to see how the artist interprets our work, what images the story brings to their mind.

I read a lot of funny books, so cartoon-style covers tend to catch my eye. But those covers with the hunky men’s chests? Yum! What woman could ignore those? I also tend to pick up books that feature Victorian style houses on the front, maybe because I’ve always wanted to live in one. And put a dog or cat on the cover? Yep, that book is going home with me. My daughter is taken in by covers that feature flowing ball gowns with big skirts. I find this funny since she’s pretty much a jeans, T-shirts, and flip-flops kind of girl on a daily basis. I think the attraction to the gowns is her inner Cinderella rearing its head. What’s more, my daughter says she pays no attention to titles when buying books. It’s all about the cover for her.

What types of covers and images speak to you?

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