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How to Set up & Run a Facebook Release Party

Today is book release day for the first book in my new Highland Roses School series! Welcome to the world, A ROSE IN THE HIGHLANDS!

To celebrate my new Scottish Historical romance, I am hosting my first Facebook party, starting later today at 4PM ET. So today on the Ruby blog, I am going to share with you how to set up a Facebook party. It can seem intimidating, but so far, it’s been fairly easy.

1. Choose a date and time. Take into account your audience. Even though I am having a release day tea party, which might be more authentic mid-morning or midafternoon, many of my readers work. So, I stretched the party into the evening. I kept the date as my release date.

2. Decide your budget for a grand prize. Since this is the first book in a new series, I chose a larger gift card of $50. If the party is beneficial to several authors (all of them releasing books together) who can each put in some money, the grand prize can be truly grand! Each individual author can also give a book or prize away.

3. Ask other authors to take part by hosting a thirty-minute time slot. My publicist helped me out by making a google doc where authors could sign up to take a time slot, and she sent it out to the historical writers at my publishing house. I also asked a few authors to help host, whom I know personally.

4. Create an Event graphic. I used Canva to create a free graphic showing the date, time, attending authors and grand prize. Make sure to create the graphic in the correct size. In Canva, there is a size for Facebook Event Cover under Social Media & E-mail Headers.

5. Create an Event on Facebook. While on your Author page, click on Events on the left-hand side of the screen. There is an option to Create Event. Then you enter the graphic you made, all the specifics, and a brief description of the event. If you have multiple hosts, add them as co-hosts.

6. Invite attendees. Invite your friends on FB. The event will automatically be posted on your page, but you can share it to any other pages you might have. Post a link to the event on Twitter and Instagram, and consider buying an ad on Facebook to spread the word about the party.

7. Keep your fellow hosting authors in the loop. For my tea party, I’ve asked each of the hosting authors to post a picture or do a live stream of them wearing a tea party hat and holding a cup of tea at the beginning of their time slot. I’ve also given them some graphics and the link to use for advertising the party.

8. Write up your posts ahead of time. Write your introduction, your prize description, and your goodbye. Select excerpts or blurbs you want to share. Find fun pictures to post, and organize them in a folder, so you don’t have to hunt during your time slot. If doing a live stream, figure out your script, props and location. My house is nearly always a catastrophe, so I pay particular attention to the location where I will film and clean up beforehand (and bar the kids from the area).

9. Be ready to spend the whole time at the party. Yes, Facebook parties take time, but I am the moderator and the party is happening “at my house”, for my book release. So, I’m planning to be there the whole time, just like an in-person party. Try not to plan a party during a time when you know you could be stuck in the office, running around with kids, or making dinner. If one of your hosting authors can’t attend at the last minute, be prepared to jump in to fill the time slot. Plus, you’ll want to respond to comments and play along with the hosting authors, as well as thanking them for hosting.

10. At the end of the party, after the last host is finished, sum up, be thankful, and explain when the grand prize will be announced. Make sure to follow through and post the winner on the event page.

11. Send a thank you to the hosting authors. Hopefully everyone has gotten exposure out of the party and it was fun. But a thank you is still warranted. It can be individual or to the group, electronic or on paper, heartfelt or hilarious – but it should be within a day or two after the party.

I’ve participated in numerous Facebook parties, but this is the first time I’ve run one myself. Hopefully, this list will help you when you run your own party! For those who are vastly more experienced with these things than I, have I missed anything?

For those who would like to attend and see what type of questions and fun the hosting authors post, or you’d like to help me celebrate my new release, and maybe win a $50 gift card, stop by today between 4 – 9 PM ET! Release Tea Party FB Link

May you have a fabulous, perfect-cup-of-tea kind of day! Heather


1684, Scottish Highlands

Englishwoman Evelyn Worthington is resolved to build a school for ladies in her brother’s newly purchased Scottish castle. But when she arrives, not only does she find the castle scorched by fire, but a brawny Highlander bars her entry.

 Clan chief Grey Campbell would rather die than see his family home, Finlarig Castle, fall into English hands, so Grey must win the battle of wills with the beautiful Sassenach who flashes a bill of sale before him.

When the war between Evelyn and Grey escalates, passions flare. But outsiders have their own plans for Finlarig. After secrets are revealed, and muskets are lit, the fates of the Campbell Clan, the school, and a possible future for Grey and Evelyn are in as much jeopardy as their lives.




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