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Valentine’s Day-Encouragement for the Romantically Challenged

Or—A Reality Check for Dewey-Eyed Hopefuls 

Millions of women will set themselves up for disappointment this Sunday (Valentine’s Day), assuming their significant others will remember and actually plan something romantic to celebrate this holiday for lovers. 

Soulmates, Do You Believe?

I was flipping channels recently and stumbled across the movie The Notebook. Against my better judgement, Rachel McAdams pulled me into the story, and I watched it to the end. And cried, like I knew I would.

The Unstoppable Shirtlessness of the Alpha Hero

While standing outside of an airport, waiting for my big brother to pick me up, I get a call. It’s my brother’s wife.

“I’m sorry, J. We’re gonna be a few more minutes.”

“It’s okay. Are you lost?”

“No. Your brother—he’s—his shirt’s off. There’s a guy on the ground…”


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