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5 Steps to Your Author Website

Earlier this month, I gave you the Top 5 Reasons an AYUGHF Needs a Promotion Package and the Top 5 Things in your Promotion Package.

Now I want to talk about the 5 steps to creating your author website.


Your Style: Before I start with a new client, I suggest that they give me a list of their top 5 favorite sites and what they love about them. (And also, what they might not love so much). And I suggest that they look at 100+ sites before they land on that top 5. It may sound like a lot, but by the time they’re done with this research, they probably have a good handle on what they like. Additionally, when they present that list to me, then I have a good idea of what’s going to ring their chimes, and what isn’t. Try RWA’s list of author websites for a place to start looking.

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