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Need Help with Plot? Try a Retreat!

Oh, those writing blues! They can strike from any direction and can come in many forms. Sometimes it’s the over-editing strike, the my-brain-is-dead-strike and other times it’s the dead-as-a-doornail-middle-of-the-book strike. Often for me it’s the I’m-too-tired-of-this-book strike. At some point in your writing career (no matter where you are) you’re gonna get plain ol’ tired of putting your fingers on that keyboard and making magic…or crap. Whichever.

So what do you do when the creative well runs dry? There are plenty of options and some involve tequila which could get you in a whole lot of trouble…or pregnant. Whichever.

But I have a solution.

It sounds like work…and it is…but it fills the well and keeps you from buying maternity clothes (yeah, some of the Rubies needed this nine months ago)

It’s a plotting retreat.

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