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Happy Mentor Monday!

It’s that time of the month again…no, not that one! This one!

Mentor Monday!

Today is the day for questions! Like what do you do when you get struck in a scene? How long should you keep an agent not selling your work? How do I make my heroine more likable? Who is buying young adult fantasy? Why can’t I seem to get motivated?

Craft, industry, self-care….anything goes 🙂

Ready….set….fire away!

Brenda Novak Auction: Who wants to be a Ruby?

A better question would be, who DOESN’T want to be a Ruby?

When it came time to figure out what we wanted to donate this year for the Brenda Novak online auction for juvenile diabetes, the Rubies once again jumped in to brainstorm and came up with an idea that made perfect sense: the best thing we could possibly give would be ourselves.

So one bidder will have the chance to be an honorary Ruby Slipper for three months. You’ll be taken into the fold, listed on our website as an official member, blog with us, and receive the support and advice of the Ruby Sisters as you continue on your yellow brick road to publication or beyond.

Romance Karma – Paying it back, forward, and all around

I was thinking about the success of the romance genre the other day. Bear with me for a moment. My thoughts tend to circle lately.

I have two “apprentices” right now. One of them is starting to query and submit and one of them is working on completing her first full-length manuscript. I volunteered to work with these aspiring authors because I had a mentor who coached me for nearly two years as I struggled through my first book.

The Latest Comments

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