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Happy Mentor Monday!

It’s that time of the month again…no, not that one! This one!

Mentor Monday!

Today is the day for questions! Like what do you do when you get struck in a scene? How long should you keep an agent not selling your work? How do I make my heroine more likable? Who is buying young adult fantasy? Why can’t I seem to get motivated?

Craft, industry, self-care….anything goes 🙂

Ready….set….fire away!

Welcome to Mentor Monday!


Hello, everyone –

And welcome to the new vision for the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood! I’m Liz Talley and I’ll be your tour guide for …. drum roll please…..


Yes, today we’re talking about the importance of having a mentor and offering some (hopefully) helpful advice. 

First, you may be wondering  WHO needs a mentor.

The answer – everyone.

I’ve written twenty-seven books and I still need a mentor. We all do. Whether we’ve written a paragraph or fifty novels, everyone needs someone to give advice, kick their butts, cheer them on, and basically be the one person in their corner who knows what it is like out there and can get her come out swinging anyway.

I know what you’re thinking – Ohmygosh! I don’t have a mentor!

That’s okay. No need to panic because mentors are everywhere. You don’t have to meet them for coffee every week. You can find them here. On Facebook. At conferences. In fact, we’re going to do some mentoring TODAY. Yes, today the Rubies are offering to be your mentor.

I do acknowledge this is like an advice column. I do not know how to get wine out of your carpet, but I might be able to help you with a writing issue. So hit me up…. Help me help you by telling me what’s up with your writing and how I can help you today!

The Latest Comments

  • Autumn Jordon: You’re very welcome. I learned a lot.
  • Bev Pettersen: Such a helpful post, Thanks Autumn. And also thanks to Vivi, Rae and Judy!
  • Autumn Jordon: Everyone of these cover designers is so talented. I wish I had their eye for detail.
  • Autumn Jordon: I totally agree, Kate. I think it takes a certain eye to make an awesome cover.
  • Autumn Jordon: They did a amazing job answering my questions, didn’t they. I also learned a lot.