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Look Your Best in Holiday Photos

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when we’re forced to mug for the camera at the end of a long day. In the past, I’ve mastered the surprise good-bye. A reasonable excuse (“The kids are exhausted!” “We have to feed the cat!” “We forgot to TiVo SNL!”) coupled with a quick slide out the door usually keeps cameras safely in their cases. But these days, even your MIL has a camera phone (well, mine doesn’t, but yours probably does), and having your picture taken is harder to avoid.

And besides, wouldn’t you like to just look GOOD in the darned things? Wouldn’t you like to print out lots of pictures of your friends and family–with you in them? It’s easier to stand still for a photo when you know you aren’t going to look like a bridge troll 90% of the time.

“But I always look like a bridge troll in photos!” you say. Bollocks to that! Nobody looks like a bridge troll (at least not all of the time), and few people are naturally photogenic. Even if you aren’t conventionally attractive, you can figure out what flatters your face and your body and do it. Every time.

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