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2019 Golden Heart Finalist Claire DeWolf on the Book That Surprised Her

Today we’re welcoming another Omega, Claire DeWolf, a 2019 Golden Heart Finalist whose book LOLITA’S MUSE is a finalist in the Mainstream with Romantic Elements category.

Claire DeWolf (seen below in her role of Golden Heart Finalist and Hollywood wife) is a former actress turned editorial writer and community organizer. The mother of a grown son, she lives in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu with her husband, a forty-year Hollywood veteran. When she’s not attending Hollywood functions or traveling with her husband, you will find her in her home office working on her next book.

The real Claire DeWolf behind the scenes wears braids and walks her dog around the neighborhood in her writer’s uniform—t-shirts and zany yoga pants. She is a consummate foodie and believes that crafting a debut novel is like making fine jam. Use the best ingredients, craft it carefully, and then cook it down to its essence without too much sugar.

Claire and her husband of 33 years just adopted a two-month-old mini red poodle puppy named Bingley. (Named after Mr. Charles Bingley of Netherfield Hall.) Young Bingley, like the man for whom he was named, is an affable gentleman with a true heart. He loves to play with toys, give everyone kisses and cuddles, and is a good boy until he pees in the house. Mr. DeWolf will be very grateful if his wife would potty train Mr. Bingley before she goes to RWA Nationals. Claire is making no promises.

Here’s the awesome Elevator Pitch for LOLITA’S MUSE:

Lolita’s Muse is an over-fifty ménage à trois that explains why #metoo had to happen in Hollywood. With Tantric sex.

And here’s the full back-cover blurb:

Blacklisted as a young screenwriter, Liz Attwood hid behind pen names and her husband’s legend to become Hollywood’s top script doctor, only to lose it all when he died. Grieving, near bankrupt, and unable to write the romance novels that pay her bills, she goes to the sensual yoga retreat that had sparked her spicy Lolita Yardley novels to find inspiration. Instead, she finds two muses who spark her inner Lolita.

 Together, Jake Daggett and Marcus Faraday embody everything she wants in a lover and a muse, and she wants to keep them both. But when scandal threatens everything, Liz must choose between hiding behind another man, or facing her crippling fears and step out from behind her husband’s legend to claim her rightful place in the spotlight.

When life gives you two choices, take both.

Now there’s a spicy mantra you can live by—“take both!”!! LOLITA’S MUSE sounds terrific, and I love that it’s “an over-fifty ménage à trois!” Can’t wait for this to be out!!

 Folks, Claire DeWolf is here today with a guest blog about the surprising origins of her Golden Heart book, and how a book she never meant to write came to be far more meaningful than she expected.

 Take it away, Claire!


The Surprise Book

Once upon a time, I swore I’d never live in LA. Later, after I’d had a child and became an avid romance reader, I swore I’d never write a romance novel. Writing romance was hard. I didn’t understand the beats and my dream was to write historical fiction. (Yeah, I know. I can be boneheaded.) Once I learned a lot more and I started writing romance, I swore I’d never write about the film industry. Especially not the ugly side I knew too well.

But in 1985, I moved to LA and met and married the love of my life. In 1995, I joined the Orange County Chapter of RWA and found my tribe. And in 2014, out of my fingers came a book about the film business. That book became Lolita’s Muse, my Golden Heart Finalist.

The first two swear-breakers happened because of rational decisions. I came to LA after earning my SAG and AFTRA cards. I’d never spent any time in New York City and I had family here. I still didn’t have an Actors Equity card and I figured that it was better to starve than freeze and starve.

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