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The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

            Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m an Internet junkie.

            They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. I stumble out of bed each morning, waddle to the next room with my legs nearly crossed so I can turn my computer on. Next stop—bathroom. I’ll leave the details to your imagination. Then coffee. Let dogs out. Final destination—the computer where I check all my email (I have five accounts X five passwords), website, blog (just in case someone might have left me a comment – as if), loops, Facebook, Twitter….All this happens so early, people ask me, “Why were you on Facebook at 5a.m.?”


Free Samples!

Free to good home—Holiday Hostage.

Yes, my book is a little late to the Christmas party or early, however you want to look at it. During the transition of Cerridwen Press being absorbed into Ellora’s Cave, my little freebee got put on hold. But it’s here today. Cross fingers. Rub your lucky rabbit’s foot or whatever you rub to get lucky.

Lily in Wonderland

Lily has a past, an adiction problem, and legs that are nearly as long as her criminal record.  Lily also has dead bodies piling up around her.  Deputy Toby Dodd thought he wanted to settle down with a nice girl, until he met Lily.  Bad girls need love too.

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