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Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Jennifer Henderson!

We’ve got another big Rebelle week, with 2017 Golden Heart guests today, Wednesday, and Thursday. Today we’re welcoming Jennifer Henderson, whose manuscript THE GOVERNESS’S GLANCE is nominated for Best Historical Romance!

Jennifer Henderson’s addiction to romance novels began at a young age when she would sneak peeks at her mom’s Harlequins while the rest of the family was at swim lessons. Her love of all things old led to a history degree, a dozen years teaching U.S. and World History at a prep school, and eventually writing Regency romance novels. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, loves travel, scuba diving, and going to the movies, and has yet to find a piece of chocolate she did not enjoy.

Here’s a blurb for THE GOVERNESS’S GLANCE

Desperate to help save her family from financial ruin with her new governess post, Charlotte Wexley assumes her biggest challenge will be the two rascally orphans in her charge, not their handsome, rakish uncle and ward, the Earl of Huntingdon, who manages to spark her temper—and her heartbeat—at every turn.

Lord Simon Preston’s libertine life is upended when the earl’s brother and sister-in-law die, leaving him guardian to his wild niece and nephew who drive away a series of grim governesses. The newest hire, Miss Charlotte Wexley, is not what Simon had been expecting. She is young, lovely, and unafraid to put him in his place, and sparks soon fly between the fiery governess and the rakish earl. Heated words lead to sensual temptation, and soon they cannot resist passionate stolen kisses. Thoughts of Charlotte tempt Simon to visit the nursery, and he begins to connect with the children. Charlotte sees glimpses of the real man behind the jaded mask, but she must ignore the yearnings of her heart, for putting her position—and her family’s very survival—at risk is beyond foolish. When suspicious accidents threaten Simon and the children, Simon and Charlotte must fight together against an unknown threat and for their happily ever after.

Ooh, I love governess stories!!! (The Jane Eyre effect will never let me go.) You know who told me loves governess stories, Jennifer? Tessa Woodward at Avon. Just sayin’. (She told me that a few years ago when I was pitching her a story about a governess…who stopped being a governess on page one. Sigh.) Thought you might want to know.

Jennifer Henderson’s here with us today to share a bit of her personal history as an introvert…and what she learned about how to defeat the urge to stay in her shell.

Take it away, Jennifer!


The Life Changing Magic of Showing Up

I am a scaredy cat. New situations intimidate me, my stomach often feels like a cauldron bubbling with anxiety acid, and mingling and small talk with people I don’t know well cause my heart to gallop. Just typing out these words has elevated my pulse rate. Good lord, someone get me a baby aspirin—I’m blogging with the Rubies!

People are often surprised when I mention that I’m an introvert. They’ll protest, saying that I seem so outgoing or that I have a friendly personality. The truth is that I’m an introvert ninja, stealthily posing as an extrovert as I prowl through social situations. My secret for keeping my cover all these years? Just showing up.

It’s incredible what can happen when a person bravely wades into the world around her instead of giving in to a stomach full of churning nerves, making excuses, and staying home.

The Emerald City Writers Conference in Seattle was the first writer event I’d ever attended. My husband kept leaving the website for the conference open on our computer, but I’d shake my head and close the page. New people? Scary! Actually saying out loud that I’m a writer? Scarier still! When I finally screwed up my courage, I announced my conference registration to my sisters at brunch as if I’d won the Nobel prize for literature, that’s how proud of myself I was for just filling out the online registration.

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