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Meet 2012 Golden Heart Finalist Jan Nash

Today, as a part of our ongoing series introducing 2012 Golden Heart nominees, I’m excited to present to you Jan Nash, nominated in the Inspirational category. Jan is an amazing lady with an unwavering optimistic personality. I couldn’t be more honored to interview her.

Without further ado, meet Jan Nash.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.

A. Let’s see…I’m a fifty-something grandma with a passion for writing. I met my muse when I was inspired with a story seven years ago. I joined everything I could to help master my new love. My chapter, Northwest Houston RWA, has been a godsend. All the workshops, conferences, and monthly meetings have taught me so much. I write Inspirational/Romance. For me, faith comes first and I try to reflect that in my writing.

Q. Pretty powerful stuff. Speaking of power, tell us about your Golden Heart final Powerless Consent.

A.  What would you do if you discovered that your cell phone was transmitting a live visual feed viewed by an evil entity?  For my heroine, Kate Ballard, it’s a life-changing event that spirals into the loss of her family and causes her to doubt her faith.

Her and her husband, an average Christian couple, are torn apart by blackmail and struggle through obstacles and lies to uncover the truth and to reunite. The villain, a wealthy communications mogul, is obsessed with Kate and has been spying on her for the past fifteen years. He blackmails her by using his acclaimed invention, Invisible Surveillance and forces her to remain with him. While captive on a luxury yacht, she relentlessly tries to outsmart her captor and return to the love of her life. But the power her captor holds over her is too great. Kate’s husband discovers that he must revisit his past. It is there, in the past, that he finds the truth. The road to retrieving his soul mate is narrow and riddled with risk. But nothing will stop him from saving his true love. Love blossoms for two secondary characters. A loner CIA Agent and the villain’s assistant embrace the broken road that leads them together.  Surely they’re destined to be soul mates.

Q. Wow. I’m breathless! Now the question we all want to know, what did you do when you got the call?

A. It was just past 8:00am. As soon as I saw the out-of-state area code, my heart rate soared. A lovely sounding woman asked if I was Jan Nash. Truth is, it took a few seconds to say yes, but I did. She immediately stated that she was calling on behalf of RWA’s Golden Heart and was excited to inform me that Powerless Consent had finaled. I’m embarrassed to say that throughout the rest of the conversation I answered with one-word responses in the most pitiful ugly-cry-voice you can imagine. She giggled and told me how much she loved making the call. After flaring up a quick prayer of thanks and hugging my husband, I called my critique partner, Jaye.

Q. I bet your critique partner was just as thrilled for you. She may end up saying ‘I helped Jan become the mega-watt star she is today’.

Okay, back to the questions. Besides going to Disneyland <g>, what will you do if you win the Golden Heart?

A. Oh my. Probably smile, cry, and have a margarita. In that order.

Q. I’ll buy you that margarita! Win or lose, after the conference you planned to take a special trip. Please give us the details about that trip.

A. I’m almost as excited about the trip as I am the awards banquet. My book is set in Carmel, California and several scenes take place in a hotel room at Carmel by the Sea. That’s where hubby and I are going! My heroine is held captive on a yacht, so we’ve got a boat ride planned. Even though it’s kind of backwards to do the hands-on research after the book is complete, I can hardly wait!  What a blessing!

Q. Sounds fabulous! Nothing like living the part of your story. What is your writing day like?

A. Well, my day job takes up about seven hours, Monday-Thursday and I run a youth activity program on Friday nights. Maximum daily writing time is two-three hours. Some days, all the words stay stuck in my head because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. On the weekends, I write every moment I can.

Q. What is you favorite part of the writing process?

A. I LOVE editing. For me, it’s like polishing a diamond. Each pass, the scenes get brighter and brighter and miraculously reflect the story I envisioned. A close second, is spending time with my critique partners and chapter mates.

Q. Oh…I love how you explain it. And I couldn’t agree more. I, too, enjoy the editing process. So, where do you get your story ideas from?

A. Too many places to count. Dreams, people, books, nature, and the ‘are you kidding me’ moments in life, to name a few.

Q. Now for a couple of customary questions. What inspires you?

A. Wow. Again, too many things to count. I love life and…I believe. Yep, just believe. That’s sweet inspiration to me.

Q. Who is your favorite author?

A. Honestly, I have more favorite books than a favorite author per say.  But if I had to pick, number one would be John Grisham. Lately, I’m into Anna Quindlen.

Q. If Powerless Consent was optioned for a movie, what actor/actress would you see playing your hero/heroine?

A. Dennis Quaid and Michelle Pfeiffer. But, I’d be thrilled and honored if my local high school put on the play!

Q. LOL! Great answer! What’s next for you?

A. I’m working on the sequel to Powerless Consent. Two secondary characters that fall in love in Powerless Consent take center stage in Sweet Surrender. As far as my brand, I’ve got my website up and running and continue to take steps toward publication. Life is good!

Thanks Jan!

You can visit Jan at

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