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What The Heck Is This KindleWorlds Thing?

A couple of weeks ago, I read about a new Amazon venture, one that seemed to divide the ranks among authors. When I learned that friend, writer and editor Alicia Dean was one of the debut authors, I snatched her up to explain to Ruby readers what the heck is this Kindle Worlds thing.

Thank you for being here, Alicia. Take it away…

AliciaDeanColor-SmallIn early March, I received an email, then a phone call from Amazon publishing. They wanted to commission me to write stories for a new platform they were launching. The way I came on their radar was that my novel, Heart of the Witch, was part of the Dorchester titles acquisition. The person handling that deal submitted my name to the person in charge of this new platform. She read my bio, saw that I loved Vampire Diaries, and the rest is (very recent) history. Of course, I was ecstatic–honored to be one of the authors Amazon sought out for their launch. When I found out one of the Universes I could choose from was Vampire Diaries, I was beyond ecstatic. Then I learned I could also write a Gossip Girl story. What??? Writing stories about my favorite shows AND receiving royalties for doing so? What could be better? The deadline was very short, but I set to work and ended up submitting, and they ended up accepting, two Vampire Diaries stories and one Gossip Girl story. And I intend to submit more.

I was unable to announce the news for a few months, then came the time that Amazon was ready to make it public and I was able to share my good news. But I soon learned that a lot of people didn’t think it was such great news. I began hearing a deluge of negativity—that it was a bad deal for the writers, a bad deal for the rights holders, and a bad deal for fans. I was taken aback to say the least.

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