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Meet 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Pamela Ferguson!

Today we’re welcoming another Rebelle, 2017 Golden Heart Finalist Pamela Ferguson, whose manuscript WINGS OF LOVE is nominated for Best Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements.

Pamela Ferguson is the author of sweet romances set in small towns. Specializing in gossips, meddlers, matchmakers and happily-ever-afters, Pam loves dreaming up complications that wreak havoc in the lives of her characters. Her determined heroes and resourceful heroines are forever doing battle with narrow-minded mischief makers. Who knew there were so many bumps on the road to love?  

When she isn’t writing, Pam can be found teaching English, travelling, and playing with her high-energy German shepherd puppy.

Here’s a blurb for WINGS OF LOVE:

No. One little word. When would Reo Greene learn to say it? She’s just finished organizing Lilac’s first 5K race and is swamped with online college exams. Now the mayor wants her to collaborate with Jack Warfield to evaluate Main Street decoration proposals for the town’s upcoming two-hundred-fiftieth anniversary. The mayor is determined to make an example of Reo and Jack: if the two former high school enemies can collaborate for the good of the town, maybe everyone else will try to get along.

Back in Lilac to oversee the sale of his mother’s rental property, Jack hasn’t told anyone he’s also on a leave of absence from his new job as a Peacetalkers mediator. He got injured as a result of a meeting with a gang leader, and the Peacetalkers must investigate. Collaborating with Reo means working with the woman who destroyed his college football scholarship chances five years before.

Will past betrayals prevent Reo and Jack from acknowledging their true feelings?

Awesome! Gotta love small town romances (meddlers and matchmakers!), and high school enemies finding love! Lilac is a great small-town name, too. Pamela, I hope we’ll see your story out in the world soon!

Pamela’s with us today to talk about the role of an unexpected online connection in helping her identify her path as a romance writer.

Take it away, Pamela!



My kids are always telling me, “Mom, stop shouting in the Bluetooth. You’re hurting my ears.” I can only imagine what my voice did to Romance Writers of America Board Member Courtney Milan’s eardrums when she told me I was an RWA Golden Heart® finalist. I don’t remember much of that conversation, except that I had pulled into a gas station and there was gushing and shrieking on my end. For her part, Courtney, one of my favorite authors, graciously endured my hysterics. I hope her hearing is okay.

If I had to pick a date, I’d say my journey to becoming a Golden Heart finalist began in April 2015. I was trying to figure out what kind of novel I was writing. I did what most people do when they need information. I turned to Google. I typed the phrase “social justice romance fiction.” Dorky, right? Romance fiction is about escape, adventure, and, most of all, happily ever after. Throwing social justice into the mix kind of, you know, defeats the purpose.

But that’s what I was thinking, and that’s what I typed.

Not surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of results. I wasn’t exactly sure what I even meant by the phrase, except that I was writing about love that surprises people, fills them with hope, and bonds them together despite society’s injustices. Love that inspires them to be better for each other and for the world around them.

Pretty much what most romance novels are about, now that I think of it.

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