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It’s Friday the 13th and today’s topic is fear.

What is fear?

Fear has been defined as a vital response to physical danger. If we didn’t feel it, we couldn’t protect ourselves from legitimate threats. However, often we fear situations that are not life threatening but pose an emotional danger and thus avoid them in the name of sanity. But by not facing our fears, we are feeding the gluttonous monster.

Think about fear in terms of your desire to write, or your lack of writing. What is stopping you from being who you are? Have you let someone else’s goals become your goals? Are you intimated by the productivity, or success, of others? Did you reach for a star only to it have fade away before you could grasp it?  Did you receive love from an editor or agent and then found that relationship wasn’t meant to last? Has life in general attacked you?

We all let outside factors affect our productivity from time to time. There is no shame it, but at some point, we should recognize that we’re causing ourselves harm by tying ourselves into a knot of stress, and by extension hurting our love ones.

Great works take time and love. You can’t give your muse love if all you feel is angst because….  So you’re not the writer who can pound out three books a year. Personally, when my life is over, I want to be remembered as writing that one memorable book for my readers rather than one-hundred toss away novels. I continue to work on my skill as a writer and I want my next work to be better than my last one.

So you haven’t made USA Today or NYT best seller list. I have my opinions concerning those publishing crowns, which I’ll keep to myself today.  However, if that’s your goal, you’re not done writing yet, right? The next book might hit a list. The same goes with gaining the interest of a publisher or agent.

So life has encroached on your path? We all have priorities. Family and friends top my list. If I walked away from them during times of need to write, I wouldn’t respect myself. I can write any minute of the day and any day of the week. Some of my best ideas came during stressful times.  A truly great story mirrors life. Take notes.

My motto has been since I started writing and continues to be; Word By Word, Line By Line, Page By Page.

So today, on the day others have imposed on us to be fearful of black cats, cracks in the side walk, mom and pop hotels, strangers, bright lights in the sky, let’s examine our fears for what they truly are and then brush them to the side and enjoy our passions.



Autumn Jordon is sneaker-wearing Ruby who authors light-heart contemporary romances and seat-edging mystery/suspense novels. Her newest release, Perfect Fall is the book of her heart. Check it out at and while you’re there join her occasional newsletter.   

Fangirl Friday the 13th!

Happy Fangirl Friday! ChChChAhAhAh…. Yes it is also Friday the 13th – eeks! We all better stay inside and read fabulous books instead of venturing into the woods. Actually my daughter is camping – at a lake – starting tonight! But it’s okay because she’s only 9, and as long as the dads chaperoning her “tribe” of Y-Princesses don’t tell Jason-Hockey-Mask stories, she should be just fine. 

But for those of us who may have seen one or two of the twenty-some Friday the 13th movies, we best just stay inside, curled up with a great book : )


So, on to the fabulous books.

EVERYBODY KNOWS, the first book in Jacie Floyd’s small-town Sunnyside series, releases today! Jacie is a Six-time Golden Heart finalist and two-time Golden Heart winner. The release of EVERYBODY KNOWS marks the publication of her seventh full-length contemporary romance.JacieFloyd_EverybodyKnows_cover_200



THE FAST LANE WAS GOING NO WHERE…Despite growing up the glitzy world of fashion models and rock stars, that lifestyle holds no appeal for librarian Harper Simmons. She craves small-town normalcy and a place to call home. With a philanthropic grant in hand, Harper sets out for Sunnyside, IL, eager to reopen the town library. But the locals aren’t very welcoming to the woman in designer clothes—once again showing her she doesn’t fit in.

GROWING UP IN A SMALL TOWN…Wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for Dr. Zach Novak. Yes, Sunnyside had given him security and self-confidence—but now he’s smothered by their constant scrutiny and inevitable matchmaking. Longing to view the world from a less-restrictive stage, he’s making plans to head out of town…until he meets the enchanting new librarian.

WHEN TWO WORLDS COLLIDE…There’s bound to be trouble. Harper and Zach’s physical and emotional connection has them steaming up the nights with a secret affair. When Zach leaves on a humanitarian mission, their relationship becomes public knowledge and Harper is blamed for driving him away. Allegations about her past further alienate the town, and she questions her desire to remain where she isn’t wanted. Even if Zach returns to Sunnyside, will he be lost to her forever?



As always – if you have a book news you’d like to share (sales and releases), please feel free to post it in the comments. Have a wonderful weekend, and stay out of the lake!

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