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Flash Fiction Friday!

It’s FRIDAY, y’all!


Hi, all! *waves madly*  I’m joining Darynda in hosting Flash Fiction Fridays. But I’m going to do things a little differently. Yeah, I march to the beat of a slightly out of tune drum. Once a month, I’ll give you a writing prompt, dialogue prompt, or idea prompt. I’ll even give you multiple directions you might go with the prompt. Your word counts can be as little as a line or two up to 300 words. No pressure! This is supposed to be a fun way to get those creative juices flowing. Who knows, maybe a quickie exercise will form into a short story, poem, song, or novel.

Can I get a drum roll, please? *badbadabada* Here’s your prompt.

This begs the question, what flavor ice cream? Priorities, people. The right flavor makes all the difference.

So what is the crime and what prompted her to want to commit such a deed? Is she desperate? Angry? Hormonal? What has made her that way? Money? Love? Betrayal? Revenge? The relentless summer heat?

Share your ideas and/or post your creations and I’ll give away one digital copy of The Righteous Side of Wicked.










Remember, this is all in fun and a no-judgment zone. The Rubies would love to hear from you! 




Welcome to another episode of Flash Fiction Friday! We have a special bribe incentive for those participating in today’s exercise.

We are giving away a critique!

That’s right, boys and girls. One participant will win a 5-page critique from yours truly, chosen using, so get those brain cells ready.

I thought I’d make today’s challenge super fun with a visual prompt. So let’s hone our skills and sharpen our creative minds by writing about this foreboding picture (it IS October, after all) in 50 words or less:

To enter today’s giveaway, tell us a story using this picture as your creative muse in 50 WORDS OR LESS and post it in the comments below. That’s it! That’s all there is to it. There’ nothing more…

OOPS! Wait, there IS more.

Have fun with this!

Don’t stress over perfection. I’m convinced there is no such thing. And read the other entries! Comments and encouragement are welcome!

Good luck!  

Flash Fiction Friday!


If you browse the internet, as we writers are wont to do, flash fiction has several defining characteristics, most of which involve word count. You will find flash fiction—also known as sudden fiction, micro fiction, quick fiction, etc.—defined as any work of fiction that is under 1,000 words…sometimes. Definitions vary greatly. Some say FF is as many as 2,000 words, and some say it is as few as 50.


Whatever word count you choose to incorporate for your personal definition, the rewards of learning to write short are vast. Nothing hones your skills as a writer more than having to pare down your story or scene into a few decisive words, each one burdened with glorious purpose. (Okay, I stole that from Loki.)  

Basically, every word choice is really important.


Thus, every Friday (barring any previously scheduled event, like the upcoming 10thAnniversary of the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Blog!) we will be posting a writing prompt and a maximum word count for you to flex those writing muscles. Stoke that creative fire. Ignite that powerful imagination. And tell anything that gets in your way, “I will no longer be your slave!” (Sorry, that was Carina. I stole that, too.)

The word count will change from week to week. This week, we’re going easy on you. You will have a maximum of 50 gloriously burdened words to complete the exercise.

Today’s writing prompt goes a little something like this…

Your opening line will begin with, “If I knew then what I know now…”

And that’s it! Start with that line, write your story in 50 words or less, and post in the comments below. No one is expecting perfection! Don’t even try to achieve it. This is just a fun exercise and a judgement-free zone. 

But here’s the thing.

We’re all busy. We all have a lot on our plates. So, I suggest giving yourself a time limit. Maybe 15 minutes. Or 30. Or even 60. Any amount of time you can devote to your craft is time well spent. Remember, this is like going to the gym, only WAY more fun. This will build brain muscle, stretch and strengthen, tighten and tone.

Still not motivated to give it a shot? How about I up the ante? If at least five people post their stories here today, I will give away a digital copy of ANY Ruby book (your choice) to each and every writer who posts his or her work! If 50 people post, 50 people will be gifted a book.*

Go ahead. Make me regret this decision. I dare ya.


For an example of a 300-word piece of flash fiction, check out this story written by yours truly.

*Books gifted preferably through Amazon. If you live outside the US and the book you choose cannot be gifted, we have a few options. The book will be delivered directly from the Ruby you’ve chosen, you may choose another book, or you will be sent a gift card monetarily equivalent to the book you choose.

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