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Get a Room, Part II: Advanced Priceline Bidding Strategy

My first Priceline bidding tutorial gave you a couple of key cheats to master the system: how to tell which hotels you’re bidding on, understanding which zones/star levels to select, and a general strategy of deciding how much to bid. But you’re still left bidding just once every two hours, which gets old.

Now you’re ready for the big guns. Yes, it comes in spreadsheet form. But it’s EASY, and it helps you bid more quickly. It’s the Priceline Rapid Rebid Strategy (I just made that up, but it sounds good). I’ll give you an easy method and free tools for maximizing your bids and getting the best possible hotel in your desired region. At the end, you’ll find a downloadable copy of my master Priceline spreadsheet to do with as you please.

Get a Room, Part I: Basics of Using Priceline to Bid on Hotel Rooms

Need a room for RWA’s upcoming national conference in New York City?

Daunted by the prices and complexity of finding the best deal in the right location?

Wish you could use Priceline to bid your way into a fabulous room, but afraid of ending up in New Jersey?

FEAR NOT! I’ve been using Priceline for years, and I’m here to walk you through it in this two-part series. Today we’ll tour the Basics of Bidding. Next week, look for an advanced course in maximizing your bids using free re-bid zones (don’t worry–it’ll all make sense eventually!).

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