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Meet 2015 Golden Heart Finalist Brynn Kelly!

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming another Dragonfly guest blogger: 2015 Golden Heart Finalist Brynn Kelly, whose book DECEPTION ISLAND is nominated for best Romantic Suspense.

Brynn Kelly is an award-winning novelist and journalist, and bestselling non-fiction author from New Zealand. She could well be setting a RWA15 record for the longest non-stop journey to New York—35 hours straight, including stopovers. The flight goes via Sydney—which means she starts out flying three hours in the wrong direction. She’s viewing it as a long (and cramped) writing retreat. And, hey, when you’re a parent of young children, any time alone is a luxury.

Not only is DECEPTION ISLAND her Golden Heart book, it’s also going to be her publishing debut, to be released by Harlequin’s HQN imprint in 2016.

In DECEPTION ISLAND, an action-adventure romantic suspense, a rogue French Foreign Legion officer and a Californian conwoman reluctantly team up to battle modern-day pirates and slave traders in the steamy jungles and azure waters of an Indian Ocean paradise.

 Brynn’s here to talk with us about an issue so many of us struggle with as writers: the yearning for external validation, and the temptation to give up on our dreams.

Take it away, Brynn!


brynnkellyLet It Go

We fiction writers are a neurotic bunch.

We’re forever waiting for someone to tell us whether our writing’s any good—and by extension whether we’re any good.

When we’re unpublished, we hang on the opinions of critique partners, beta readers, contest judges, editors and agents. After we’re published, we add reviewers and readers and booksellers to that list.

We think we’ll have made it if we can just win that contest, land that publishing deal, get that five-star review, hit the bestseller lists, gather 1000 likes on that Facebook post… We’ll be good enough. We’ll be a real writer.

If a publisher or agent passes on our story, we call it a “rejection”. Ugh. What an ugly word—it hits you like a punch to the gut. You can’t help taking a rejection personally. (I’ve launched a personal campaign to ban the word from my writing circles. The professional word for this, a “pass”, is much kinder, and more accurate.)

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