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Wordsmith Wednesday: Strong Opening Paragraphs

Welcome to Wordsmith Wednesday: Strong Opening Paragraphs!

In this monthly feature, we’ll analyze strong opening paragraphs by looking at examples from both published books and unpublished manuscripts.

In last month’s column, I invited members of our Ruby community to submit their own Opening Paragraphs for kudos and feedback. 

Our first volunteer is Kylie!



Welcome to another episode of Flash Fiction Friday! We have a special bribe incentive for those participating in today’s exercise.

We are giving away a critique!

That’s right, boys and girls. One participant will win a 5-page critique from yours truly, chosen using, so get those brain cells ready.

I thought I’d make today’s challenge super fun with a visual prompt. So let’s hone our skills and sharpen our creative minds by writing about this foreboding picture (it IS October, after all) in 50 words or less:

To enter today’s giveaway, tell us a story using this picture as your creative muse in 50 WORDS OR LESS and post it in the comments below. That’s it! That’s all there is to it. There’ nothing more…

OOPS! Wait, there IS more.

Have fun with this!

Don’t stress over perfection. I’m convinced there is no such thing. And read the other entries! Comments and encouragement are welcome!

Good luck!  

It Ain’t What You Say, It’s the Way That You Say It: A Discussion on Critiquing & Judging

I’m a stickler for semantics.  To be perfectly honest, it baffles me how we writers can be careless with our words – especially when communicating with other writers who are going to pick apart every last syllable for clues and nuances.  Yes, the feedback you give is important, but in my opinion the way you choose to phrase your feedback is equally vital (so perhaps the title of this blog should be It Ain’t Just What You Say, It’s Also the Way That You Say It).

Brenda Novak Auction: Who wants to be a Ruby?

A better question would be, who DOESN’T want to be a Ruby?

When it came time to figure out what we wanted to donate this year for the Brenda Novak online auction for juvenile diabetes, the Rubies once again jumped in to brainstorm and came up with an idea that made perfect sense: the best thing we could possibly give would be ourselves.

So one bidder will have the chance to be an honorary Ruby Slipper for three months. You’ll be taken into the fold, listed on our website as an official member, blog with us, and receive the support and advice of the Ruby Sisters as you continue on your yellow brick road to publication or beyond.

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