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The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood was born in 2009 when we were all nominated for the Romance Writers’ of America’s Golden Heart Award.

That crazy, giddy, exhilarating (and often confusing and scary) experience forged a powerful friendship which has seen us through ten years of creative work, as we’ve brought hundreds of books into the world, and experienced some wild publishing (and personal) ups and downs. We’ve cheered each other on, given each other wise advice, and sometimes picked each other up when we’ve stumbled on our yellow brick roads. 

During our very first summer as finalists, we recognized the power of that sisterhood, and decided we wanted to share it outwards–in the form of the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Blog, which debuted in September 2009. Many other blogs have come and gone since then, but we’ve kept going, with 2,829 posts to date,  93,491 reader comments, a decade’s-worth of raucous Cyber Parties on RITA / Golden Heart announcement day, and lots of regular special events, including our interview series with each new class of Golden Heart Finalists, our annual MAKE IT GOLDEN CONTEST (which opens on Thursday for the 2019 event!), Ruby Blog Hops, and of course our turbo-charged Ruby Winter Writing Festival (which starts again January 10, 2020!).    

We’re so grateful for everyone who’s come on this journey with us, and for the new folks who find us week after week! We’ve just begun an exciting new format, with a more interactive approach, and we’re looking forward to getting creative with you all!

As always, we’re going to celebrate our birthday by giving away presents to our readers!!

Leave a birthday greeting in the comments today, and we’ll enter you in random drawings for the following prizes. (Physical prizes are U.S. only.):

Lara Archer:  to two winners: a print copy of THE DEVIL MAY CARE (US only), plus $15 Amazon gift card

Katie Graykowski: a $25 gift card to each of two winners, to each winner’s choice of online store!

Elizabeth Essex: a book bundle of the HIGHLAND BRIDES books!

Darynda Jones: $10 Amazon gift cards to five different winners!

Bev Pettersen: a $10 Amazon gift card

Heather McCollum: two prizes for two different winners: 1) a Ruby slipper journal and a red sparkly ruby slipper key chain, and 2) a Prize Bundle of a $10 gift card and the first two books in her HIGHLAND ISLES series – The Beast of Aros Castle and The Rogue of Islay Isle. Signed print version for US winner or digital for International winner.


Autumn Jordon: Three gift packages to three different winners, each with an autographed book and SURPRISES!! (USA only)

Thanks so much, everybody, for helping us make this blog a fruitful place for writers for TEN WHOLE YEARS!!! We hope to see here LOTS MORE for fun, inspiration, and celebration all year long!

Happy Eighth Birthday to the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Blog!!!

Happy birthday to us!!

It’s hard to believe, but the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog is EIGHT YEARS OLD today!!

We’re proud to have created this blog as a supportive online community for Romance writers and readers, reaching out with inspiration, advice, and Sisterhood for all!!

Over those eight years, we’ve offered up regular blog posts (2,458 so far!!), plus annual special events including our Rita/Golden Heart Announcement Day Cyber-Party, an interview series with each new class of Golden Heart Finalists, fun Holiday Blog Hops, and our very own annual MAKE IT GOLDEN Contest (entry day is this coming Monday!!!…see the contest rules here).

Happy Sixth Birthday to the Ruby Blog!!

b day cakesIt’s Our Birthday!!! Believe it or not, the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Blog has been around for SIX WONDERFUL YEARS!!

We’ve been here with daily posts (1,989 so far!!), the Winter Writing Festival, the Make It Golden Contest, our annual Rita / Golden Heart Announcement Day Party, the September Hour-a-Day Challenge, interviews with each new class of Golden Heart Finalists, and much, much more.

We’re thrilled to have created an online community for writers and readers–with nearly 77,000 comments, and more than a MILLION reads from visitors we love!!

(And don’t forget the hundreds of Ruby books that have come out since we started in 2009!)

Thanks to you, Loyal Readers,

we’re in the mood to CELEBRATE!!!

In typical Ruby style, we’re going to enjoy our party by GIVING AWAY PRESENTS!!

Even if you normally check the blog without commenting, we’d really love to hear from you today! As we continue to grow and evolve, we’d love to hear from ALL our visitors about what brought you to the Ruby blog, what you enjoy seeing here, and what you’d like to see from us in the future.

Just leave a comment below, and you’ll be in the running to win in random drawings that we’ll hold throughout the day.

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