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Welcome 2019 Golden Heart Finalist Valen Cox!

I hope you’re all counting down to RWA like we are! And I hope you’re ready to welcome another of our Omega’s – the delightful Valen Cox.

Valen is a 2019 Golden Heart Finalist for Best Paranormal Romance with her book TOUCH 3.3.

Valen Cox is an Army Brat whose vagabond life took her from exotic locales in the Orient to the lush historical venues of Europe where she attended proms in ancient castles and graduated from high school in a medieval cathedral. When her husband, Terry, earned a direct commission into the military, she blissfully spent another 20 years exploring Buddhist temples, climbing through Roman ruins, and experiencing life in the walled city of Berlin as the wife of a US Army officer.

She holds a BS in English and American Literature from BYU, served as president/director over a dozen volunteer organizations supporting children, youth, and women, and has served as president of the RWA Desert Rose Chapter in Arizona as well as the group’s Desert Dreams Contest Chair, Programs Chair, and Vice-President. In the course of adopting her five children, she became an expert on the critical elements of touch.

Valen writes intense, provocative, driving futuristic suspense. Touch 3.3and its world explores the inevitable progression of the human race as it evolves into the telepathic, telekinetic beings they were always meant to be, and where touch is life and death.

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