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Meet 2019 Golden Heart Finalist Becke Turner!

Today we’re welcoming another of the Omegas: Becket Turner, whose manuscript MURPHY’S DEBT is a 2019 Golden Heart Finalist in the Best Short Contemporary Romance category.

Becke Turner spent many years honing her story chops—many years. A native of southern Illinois, Becke and her husband of over forty-seven years were on the move for the first ten years together, including a three-year stint operating her family cattle ranch in Missouri. But two kids, 300 cows, ten horses, four dogs, and enough snow to scare Frosty wore thin. In 1996, the family and dogs, minus the hooved animals, moved to sunny South Carolina. Although by this time Becke had completed five ranch stories, she hadn’t found RWA. With the help of her CRW and GRW sisters, her stories improved. Today, her stories feature sassy, independent women learning how to love.

When she’s not wrangling her five rambunctious grandkids, you’ll find her on some grand adventure or writing her next story.

Here’s a blurb for MURPHY’S DEBT, accompanied by a picture of the clock tower that sits atop the Newberry, SC Opera House. Newberry is the inspiration for her fictional small city of Sunberry, NC, the setting for Murphy’s Debt and her two WIPs:

Five years ago Ava Robey lost her husband and nearly lost herself. But life will not suck this Marine widow under. To help her four young children, she’s going to win the lease in her hometown’s historic district and open a business to honor her husband.

 For Ryan Murphy, ‘leave no man left behind’ are not words. They are his code. And that includes the widow of the best man in his unit. Only problem is a fellow officer needs help securing a location for his retirement business. As a native of the Carolina community, Ryan has plenty of contacts. But to get the best site, he’ll have to win a competition—against the widow.

 As a Marine widow, Ava understands their code. But she’ll only give her heart to a man who is looking for a partner. Not a man driven to protect and make decisions for her. She’ll teach her impressionable children the pride of attaining a goal because of hard work and she won’t let Ryan throw the contest because of his misplaced guilt.

 Ryan harbors his own demons. His Afghanistan decision resulted in the loss of Ava’s first husband and the need to give back wars with his desire for a family. But his southern roots taught him good relationships are built on love not guilt and he must prove his worth to Ava and himself.

 With the competition in full force, Ava and her children soon show Ryan they are a fair match for one love-sick Marine. But how does he convince the independent mother of four, his feelings stem from love and not guilt, and her rambunctious tribe are the family he believed he’d never have?

Oh, I LOVE that “she’ll only give her heart to a man who is looking for a partner. Not a man driven to protect and make decisions for her.” What a great way to modernize that familiar trope! Fabulous emotional dynamics going on here!!

Okay, folks—I’ve got some questions for Becke!! I have fond memories of visiting a friend in North Carolina in the heat of summer and sitting on his old wooden back porch eating watermelon and spitting the seeds through the cracks between the boards. Grab a seat and a slice of ice-cold melon….spitting seeds is purely optional!

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