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KISMET’S KISS Release Day and Free-for-All-Friday: Publishing Industry Edition!

Welcome to a combination of a Ruby Sister Release Day and a Free-for-All Friday about the changing publishing industry!

Cover of KISMET'S KISS by Cate RowanI’m proud to announce the release of my debut book, a two-time Golden Heart® Finalist, eight-time contest finalist and three-time winner, Kismet’s Kiss. Along the way, Kismet’s Kiss received three agent offers and two publishing offers from small presses.

Here’s the kicker: I’m choosing to publish this book myself on the Amazon Kindle ebook platform. (I’ll also probably self-publish in print through Amazon’s CreateSpace program and I may add ebook distribution through Smashwords and/or Scribd.)

Are you scratching your head right now and wondering why the heck–after the above successes with contests, agents, and publishers–I’m choosing to self-publish an ebook with Amazon? There are numerous reasons (this decision has been a long time in the works, LOL), but here’s a taste:

  • With ebooks and online shopping, there’s no need to pick a single marketing box (like fantasy OR romance, but not both) for a novel so it can be classified for bookstore shelves–and no need to write a story so it will fit into a particular box. (For more on this, see a previous post.)
  • You gain a direct connection with readers–the people most writers truly want to reach–and you can write and publish at your own pace. (Note: Quality editing is a must for any author, self-published or not.)
  • You’ll enjoy greater ownership over (as well as responsibility for) your own novel. You get to follow through with your own vision from storyline to cover art to ebook formatting style. I added images to the ebook file and I had a ball putting them in. I got to be creative on multiple levels and make the book stand out. This thrilled me!
  • I know some folks are worried about ebooks, but in my personal opinion, e-readers and ebooks are an oncoming blessing for readers, for writers, and for books. For example, a recent article in PC World noted this: “Forrester Research estimates around 11 million Americans will own at least one digital reading device by the end of September… Amazon says people buy three times more books on their e-readers than they would with printed products.”
  • The new Kindles are $139 and $189. I suspect there will be a Kindle under $99 by Christmas and under $49 within a year and a half–and it will have good competition, too. E-readers will soon be a common tool for any avid reader. Do I think there’s an ebook revolution coming? YES.
  • Self-published ebooks can be offered at low prices (for example, Kismet’s Kiss is a mere $2.99 for the ebook) while offering high royalty rates to the author (Amazon offers authors 70%–about $2–from each $2.99 ebook sale). And when prices are low, more readers are willing to buy.
  • Kindle books can be read by anyone with a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android/Droid phone, or iPad. And books without digital rights management (DRM) can be converted into other formats (for example, for the Nook or Sony Reader, or PDF, RTF, TXT, etc.) through free software like Calibre. (Mine has no DRM. Convert away!)

So here are a few questions to start off our Free-for-All Friday discussion (but feel free to jump in with your own questions and ideas!): What does being “published” mean to you now? Has your definition shifted since you first dreamed of writing a book? If not, do you think it might shift in the future as e-readers become cheaper and more commonplace? What do you think the next five years of technology will bring to our industry?

Blatant Self-Promotion/Debut Exhilaration coming up. 🙂 Here’s a mini blurb for Kismet’s Kiss:

A deadly epidemic strikes a sultan’s family and only a magical healer from an enemy land can save them. Soon Sultan Kuramos wonders if he can save his heart from the feisty infidel, a woman whose sorcery is condemned by his culture. Varene falls for him too, but can she relinquish her homeland and her principles for the sultan’s love–when he already has a harem?

“Magic, passion, and intrigue–Kismet’s Kiss has it all! Cate Rowan’s uniquely compelling fantasy debut is set in a fascinating and fully realized world where danger lurks in every shadow. Rowan is definitely an author to watch!”
– Alyssa Day, New York Times bestselling author

To buy Kismet’s Kiss (it’s just a wee $2.99, folks 🙂 ) or to read a free sample, head over to In fact, the Amazon listing is so brand-spankin’ new that it doesn’t even have a description up as of this writing–so you can read a full description at my website here.

Happy Friday, dear blog readers, and ask away!

Cyber-Celebration for Golden Heart and RITA Announcements

champagneIt’s A Party!

Welcome to the Ruby-slippered Sisters’ blog.

Today is the day. Can’t you feel the excitement?

The calls from the National RWA are going out and the 2009 Golden Heart® Ruby-slippered sisters are anxiously waiting to cyber-hug our new Golden Heart® sisters, or brothers, and the 2010 Rita finalists.

Please grab a flute of cyber-champagne, introduce yourself and if you have news, spill it.

RWA has a complete listing at the RWA National Site.

Welcome 2010 Finalists!

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