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Meet 2019 Golden Heart Finalist Anna Collins!!

Today we’re welcoming another Omega, Anna Collins, whose book RESURRECTING ANNIE WOLFF is a finalist in the Mainstream with Central Romance category!

Anna grew up in a land far far away – Sweden to be exact – but moved to the US after meeting her American husband back in 2002. After two more international moves and several domestic ones, she now lives in the greater Seattle area with said husband, their 12-year-old son, and 10-year-old daughter. A puppy will be joining the brood later this year. A former high school teacher, Anna currently spends her time not really at all using her master’s degree in educational psychology, instead rearing children and indulging whatever creative fancies arise, be it writing, making music, painting and drawing, baking, sewing, or light carpentry. Why choose one?

Here’s a blurb for RESURRECTING ANNIE WOLFF (Trigger warning: depression/suicide)

Eight years ago, Annie Wolff abdicated motherhood to spare her children her maternal legacy of depression and suicide. But when their dad dies and Annie finds out relatives are looking to adopt the now teenage kids, she decides to come out of her self-imposed exile to make sure they are all right. The last thing she expects is to be pulled close enough for someone to do the same for her.

 Before long, she is sucked back not only into the lives of her unfamiliar family, but also that of Wic Dubray – the handsome but annoyingly honest former pot dealer who leases her a room. Amidst old memories, hostile family members, her own internal monster, and Wic, she must learn to believe she can shape her own destiny apart from the generations before her in order to win back her children, her life, and love.

Ooh!! This is why I’m so happy RWA brought back the Mainstream with a Central Romance category!! This sounds like such an interesting and rich and complicated story, even though the subject matter probably wouldn’t fit in any traditional Romance lines.

Congrats, Anna, on your final!!

Gather round, everybody. My backyard’s wonderfully sunny this morning, and my family just adopted our puppy a few weeks ago, so it’s a good place to be!! (Anna, I won’t say anything about the 1 a.m. whining-puppy trips outside or the struggle to teach her that the cats really DON’T enjoy puppy bounces or the mysterious disappearances of all our socks or the current condition of my carpets, sigh…just the wonderful bits!! Which are truly wonderful.)

So let’s settle back in some Adirondack chairs and take turns tossing a tennis ball to this sweet girl while I lob some questions Anna’s way.



Welcome, Anna! Wonderful to have you with us! Can you tell us a little more about RESURRECTING ANNIE WOLFF and the process of writing it?

I should say right off the bat that my GH book is Women’s Fiction so I feel a teensy weensy bit out of place in the hallowed halls of romance. I suppose I tend to use romance as seasoning in my stories, rather than as the main course.

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