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Life after the Call, Part II: The Sequel

Uh-oh, the sequel has arrived.  Ya’ll might think I decided to write this sequel to my July 1, 2010 Blog, entitled “Life after the Call,”  because I was completely out of ideas for blog topics.  But . . . ah . . . um . . . well . . . er . . .

Okay, I admit it, you would be right.

But luckily on Friday the forces of the Universe collided, and I came up with something before my deadline arrived.  I’d like to thank Tina, a commenter on last Friday’s Free-for-All, who said she wanted “to learn more about how debut authors schedule their days …”  You, Tina, started the ball rolling.

See, I don’t actually schedule my days.  They have a way of getting scheduled for me, mostly by deadlines and random email messages.  Friday was no exception. . .

Sisters Who Sold: Our Cluestick Moments

Jamie Michele’s recent blog entry, “Writer, GMC Thyself,” concluded with a question: “Have you ever fought to achieve a goal, only to get it and realize that it wasn’t what you really wanted?”

I mentally edited that question to read, “Have you ever fought to achieve a goal, only to get it and realize that it wasn’t what you really EXPECTED?” and I responded (in part):

“…But I’ve written that book and started another, and sold them. I fought hard to achieve that goal, and I’m still sorting out the ways my expectations have been met – and the ways they haven’t.”

Expectations can be strange things, based upon knowledge, a complete lack thereof, or something in between. It’s the “lack thereof or something in between” – the surprises! – that I’d like to chat about today.

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