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Meet 2012 Golden Heart Finalist A.J. Larrieu

Today we’ve got the fourth of our featured guest bloggers from the Golden Heart class of 2012.

A. J. Larrieu is a finalist in the Paranormal Romance category, with FIGS FROM THISTLES, which I’m just dying to read! She’s also a member of my home chapter, San Francisco Area RWA. And you can find her and like her on Facebook here, because, really, you should.

Take it away, A. J.!!


Fear, Rage and Death: Why I Write Paranormal Romance

Thanks so much to the Rubies for having me today!  It’s a real honor to guest blog in this community and get to meet so many fellow writers.  Actually, one of my favorite things about being a writer is other writers.  Get a group of us together, and we can’t shut up.  Getting to know all the Golden Heart finalists of 2012 over the Yahoo group has been just what you’d expect from sixty-four strong, smart, talented ladies: funny, sad, and taking over my in-box.  We’ve all been through a lot over the past year, but one thing is clear: this is a group of survivors.  And many of us have talked about writing as a way to make it through the tough times.

I know this is true for me.  Every book I write is my way of dealing with something slippery and intangible, some fear or hope or longing.  I write paranormal fiction because when I’m trying to understand the sometimes ugly and frightening world, it helps to put a face on the fear and make it tame.  It’s hard to fight something you can’t see, so a good paranormal romance or urban fantasy takes that fear, that anger, that taboo desire and gives it a beating (or perhaps unbeating) heart.

Vampires are an obvious example.  Can you think of a better personification of fear?  They’re dead.  They only come out in the dark.  They drink blood—probably your blood—but as long as you stay in your house, they can’t hurt you.  The real danger, of course, is that you’ll invite them in.  A good vampire novel lets you do just that, and turns the monster into an ally.  The things that go bump in the night are on your side now, and in your bed.  Talk about facing your fears.

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